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June 5th, 2017

How this Cowboys fan club went from a backyard to stadiums

Like most successful ventures many start up in a garage, or in this case a backyard.

Take Amazon for example. In 1994, Jeff Bezos laid the foundations for what would be the online retailing giant Amazon in his garage, hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow garage entrepreneurs HP. With a strong foundation, the company grew very quickly, and before long was in need of a much bigger space to house their operations.

Kevin Harris  essentially birthed his vision along with 5 others in his backyard to take their love of the Dallas Cowboys into local bars, and watch the Cowboys with other football fans on game days.

This was just the beginning however of the start of something special.

During their first bar experience Kevin witnessed a Raiders fan club, and from there he, along with his mastermind agreed to create their very own Dallas Cowboys fan club Star Status Cowboys Connection. What began as he and 5 others has now swelled into over 150 dedicated club members from 3 states and growing.

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Uniting Stars across the nation with their #keepitfootball motto

Kevin Harris
What separates Kevin and his club from others is that their #keepitfootball motto resonates with great purpose in the city of Angels.

With the majority of his members residing in the Los Angeles area geographical loyalty does not interfere however.

By keeping his focus on the club, and football this genuine opportunity bridges the gap between fans that normally may not associate with one another due to neighborhood affiliation.

Know the part, act the part, be the part.” ~Kevin Harris

While on the phone with Kevin he is very adamant about ensuring his members are treated to a unique high quality experience every time. During our call he was in the middle of a club function. “No shenanigans” he states very clearly.

He is about promoting a clean and drama free experience for his, and other members of various clubs. During our phone conversation you can hear the humble attitude he carries, and how he places his club and it’s members as his priority #1 every day.

Cowboys Life Family Star Status
Kevin Harris pictured here with Raymond Ortiz (R) while presenting Cowboys Life Family with a plaque from Star Status Cowboys Connection.

Last year he recognized the highly visible and notable club, and President Raymond Ortiz of Cowboys Life Family. This year they plan to recognize Eric Boyer of Northern New Jersey Dallas Cowboys Empire Family.

Star Status Function
One of the many Star Status Cowboys Connection functions where members #keepitfootball.

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Expanding the movement with vision of being recognized by the Cowboys organization nationwide

Currently Star Status has opened up several chapters located in Las Vegas, Ohio, and the Inland Empire in addition to his founding chapter in LA. The unique aspect of this #keepitfootball movement is that it also includes other fan club members of other NFL teams.

In addition to his club’s dedication to the Cowboys they also spend time together outside of game days by engaging in fellowship, and various get togethers in what ultimately becomes the glue in keeping the integrity of his club together.

During the Cowboys home opener this season against the NY Giants in Arlington, TX there are plans being made and executed to host their “3rd Annual Round Up” of Cowboys Clubs around the globe.

A truly unique event that will unify several clubs, and recognize those who are behind the movement. Not to mention to open the season up for our Dallas Cowboys against a division rival on primetime television!

Kevin shared with me his goal of Start Status being recognized by the Dallas Cowboys for it’s body of work and dedication in the future. Upon hearing this I was totally inspired to continue following Kevin and his club’s journey.

In conclusion

This season will be here before you know it. As a Cowboy fan this is a year round lifestyle and here at OAT we want to bring you the stories from our fan base nobody else can. Being a Dallas Cowboy fan has levels, and clearly Kevin and his club have allowed us to witness a higher level of that loyalty and dedication to our Dallas Cowboys.




  • Erika Morris

    Great article! STAR STATUS FOR LIFE!!
    How Bout Them Cowboys!!!

    Erika Morris
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    Great article Barry. To Kevin keep up the GREAT WORK. STAR STATUSis on the rise.

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    That’s my President St☆r St☆tus C☆wb☆us C☆nnecti☆n!! We RIDE!! GREAT ARTICLE!

    Silas Carter
  • Silas Carter

    That’s my President St☆r St☆tus C☆wb☆ys C☆nnecti☆n!! We RIDE!! GREAT ARTICLE!

    Silas Carter
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