July 22nd, 2016

Welcome Cowboys fans, and thank you for visiting! This site was initially created to serve as a blog during the 2016 season. We aimed at becoming the first Facebook “Legacy Group” to form online in the same season as the Dallas Cowboys winning SuperBowl 51. Documenting our journey throughout that season. 

As a result it has now transformed into a platform to connect other Cowboys fans from around the world through our Cowboys Club Directory. Dallas Cowboys fans are the most loyal fan base in the world. We represent our team through good and bad times, we set trends, and we have some very influential media members stemming from that. 

DC Fan Club2

OAT will become the premier site in the future to connect fans globally through social media. Building the ultimate online network never done before by any other fan base.

We currently have contributors from our group who assist in making this possible. We are always in search of talent to help build our vision here.  

Visit our Facebook group and become a member here.

Lastly be sure to subscribe to our group blog. We will have various contributors offer their experience this season along the way. Join us, and let’s travel this journey to a Superbowl 52 Championship in Minnesota 2018!

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