How Madden actually built an OAT brotherhood on Facebook

Word on the street is a few OAT members on Facebook are building a brotherhood through playing Madden on Play Station 4. Here is what I discovered during the NFL draft weekend while in Dallas.

Creating an online Facebook community takes work. For over 2 years now OAT has been building a community and network of informed True Blue Dallas Cowboys fans around the world. It would not be possible unless members contributed their unique talents. Take for instance Terrence Collins.

Terrence is an Admin of our Facebook OAT group. You might recognize his name from last season during the home opener. During the Giants game at AT&T Stadium he proposed to his now wife Gwen. An Austin Texas native and avid Madden player since the 90’s. Terrence and I caught up with each other during the draft along with a fellow member named Cory Tillis of his Madden message group on Facebook.

How Facebook and passion for Madden built a brotherhood

Talking with Terrence and Cory, Madden is a pretty big deal to these guys. I sat down with both of them and did an interview during my trip to Dallas during draft weekend. I was amazed at not only they are on their 3rd season, but of the sense of brotherhood he shared is forming among it’s members.

In conclusion

OAT members like Terrence who are stepping up to contribute their time and effort on behalf of our members on Facebook are absolutely awesome. With over 11,000 fans currently our goal is to reach 20,000 by the 2018 Season. Be sure to join our group, and network with other fans around the nation, and globe. Listen to our Soundcloud interview below where season 1-2 winners are shared by Terrance.

FromΒ Dallas Cowboys Borracho Tailgaters,Β Β Super Fans, Fan Clubs, the Hard Hittahz Movement, you name it our group is connecting our fan base to build an extensive fan base network. The first ever NFL online Facebook community. Be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page, and Instagram account as well.

Is it possible that one of our OAT members could potentially compete at the highest level like this?

ICYMI: INSANE Finish at the #MaddenBowl last Saturday!!!

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