Introducing “CHEEF” of the fascinating Hard Hittahz Movement

First of all if you have yet to hear about the Hard Hittahz and their movement, allow me to introduce you to CJ McGee AKA “CHEEF.” A very well connected member and passionate Cowboys Super Fan from the heart of Texas. During my trip I made every effort to interview him, and get the Hard Hittahz message out there for everyone. So much so I gave up an opportunity to attend the actual draft on field during the second day.

Now I wont bore you with a bunch of witty words about CHEEF, but I will share this with you. Despite what you may think of these collective die hard passionate fans (Hard Hittahz), it’s all positive. It was truly a pleasure sitting down and getting to know CHEEF and all about the movement they’re building across the nation.

CHEEF leads by example and a Hard Hittahz energy unmatched

Initially meeting him the night before the draft at the Concrete Cowboy in Frisco his energy was absolutely fascinating. The minute he spoke, and we hugged like long lost brothers from afar was refreshing. We have been connected on Facebook for about a little less than 2 years. As if we knew all about one another in a sense.

There was no doubt our passion for the Star was priority #1. As we sat during his interview one thing was for sure. CHEEF is a leader. One who believes in family first, life structure, and his love for the Dallas Cowboys since the age of 3.

Last year in the fall I was connected with 1 of 2 founders of the Hard Hittahz “Coach.” I want to thank both Kevin Harris, and Joseph Herrin for reaching out to Coach to help get me connected on my mission here with OAT and his movement. I actually wanted the hard Hittahz story told from his perspective. Again, life gets in the way and all things happen for a reason.

It was quite fitting to have CHEEF lead on it as a result. He embodies and leads the movement by example through action. Just like life however, we get busy, and as the 2017 season started we both continued our dedication to our passion in our own lanes and couldn’t connect at the time. Both of us using our platforms and movement in connecting Cowboys Fans through “Unity.”

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In Conclusion

Without further or due, here is my interview with CHEEF inside my rental car outside of local DFW bar while the draft was happening. We will be featuring more members of the Hard Hittahz moving forward. So be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter today.  Enjoy the interview and leave us a comment if you’re part of the Hard Hittahz Movement!




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