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Week 3, 2016 Season

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Before I get started with my very 1st Blog for the Official America’s Team. I want to thank Barry for the opportunity to showcase one of my long time passions, writing for the Dallas Cowboys. I would love to work for Mr. Jones one day in some capacity once I retire from working for the city as a Administrative Aide. With this opportunity I hope I can get that chance one day. Again, thank you for the opportunity Barry .

As for myself, My name is Curt Chisolm and I am a 45 year old father of two. I am a life long Dallas Cowboys Fan (since the age of 7). I’m from the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area, but currently live in San Diego, CA. I come from a long line of Washington Redskin fans (My Mother, Aunt, etc..) there are a couple of Philly, Carolina fans here and there, but I represent the Cowboys 24-7/365. I like to think I am  a “Realistic” Cowboy Fan so with that being said you will read me talk about not only the good but also the frustrating, ugly I see in our Dallas Cowboys. You will NOT like everything I say about the Cowboys, but remember this… I LOVE THE DALLAS COWBOYS.

Lets get to it, shall we…

Cowboys 31, Bears 17

Another week, another week of improvements… unfortunately, same defensive struggles. Offensively we were able to put to rest settling for FGs instead of touchdowns, at least for a week.

Another good win this time at home, lord knows we needed this one. We haven’t won a home game since the opening game of the 2015 season. The Cowboys came out with intensity which was good to see especially on the Sunday Night Football big stage. The Cowboys were able to take the opening kick-off down the field for 7 on a good mix of run and pass. I don’t know about you guys, but I HATE getting the football first at the start of the game. I guess I like the feeling of having the football at the start of the 3rd quarter.

The Bears came to Dallas shorthanded missing half of their starters on defense. They also were without their starting Quarterback. The Cowboys were without a couple of their starters as well, (T) Tyron Smith and (CB) Orlando Scandrick. With all that missing (Bears), you would think this would set up to be an easy game for the Cowboys or if you’re a LONG TIME COWBOY FAN the perfect game to “play down to the competition”. We had a good mix of both in this game but managed to pull off a much needed WIN at home.

Quarterback Dak Prescott, you noticed I didn’t say “Rookie”, played a good all around game Sunday. Again, he played with CONFINDENCE, POISE and INTELLECT. I did see a couple passes thrown that were behind the receiver and one pass that should have been intercepted (the out route to Beasly that was late, put still caught). With each week, this kid (Prescott) gets better and better, you can see the team growing more and more confident in him leading. Congratulations Dak for throwing your 1st NFL Touchdown and rushing for another. The only difference between Dak Prescott and Philadelphia’s quarterback Carson Wintz is Philadelphia’s Defense. When I hear people talk about how good Wintz is, they should be talking just as good about Dak Prescott, we are only 1 point away from being 3-0 ourselves. As good as Prescott is playing and as much as I like him, the question in Dallas is, does Tony get his job back when he is healthy and READY? I think the organization should let Tony finish what he started, this is HIS TEAM and they OWE Tony at least that much. Tony deserves 2 games when healthy and is READY to see if he can be “himself” again. There is NO RUSH to have Prescott in the Starting Line-up right now. Again, this is Tony Romo’s TEAM.

Let’s talking about the Offensive Line. The O-line played well, giving Dak time to go through his reads/progressions to find the open receiver. Even without ALL-EVERYTHING starting Left Tackle Tyron Smith the O-line was able to protect Prescott. Back-up Tackle Chaz Green played well, I have to give him props in filling in for the All-Pro. I did see (G) La’el Collins get pushed around a bit in this game, he ended up leaving the game with a foot injury. Former starter (G) R. Leary got to finish the game and played well. Ronald, get your job back bro, the time is NOW!

Our Running backs played well this week. Another improvement as the weeks goes on for the Cowboys. Even though we didn’t see much of the 3 back rotations this week, we did see a lot of Rookie Running back Ezekiel Elliot, rushing and receiving the ball, he managed NOT to put the ball on the ground this week, which should have everyone at ease for a week. I have the feeling the Coaches and Owner (Jerry) wanted to see if the kid could handle the HEAVY WORK LOAD. Zeke did very well toting the rock. I still think (RB) Alfred Morris should get more carries. Also, I’d like to see more (RB) Lance Dunbar in the screen/passing game.

Who saw that play on Dez on the second play of the game? I just knew the defender blew out Dez’s knee the way he tackled him. *whew* it was just a sprain, but daym it sure was scary. The Bears Defense kept giving up the underneath routs which was perfect for Captain (TE) Jason Witten and “Lil-Man”, (WR) Cole Beasly, who had a career night on Chicago. Tell me something Cowboy Nation, is (TE) Gavin Escobar even on this team? I would have said NO is NBC didn’t show him standing on the sideline. The play of (TE) Geoff Swaim is getting better each week, good enough to keep the former 2nd round pick (Escobar) off the field. Does anyone miss (TE) James Hanna? Another thing, was it me or did (WR) Brice Butler get ONE (1) ball thrown to him all game? Either way, the ONE (1) ball thrown to him on the go route in the end zone that was a missed pass interference call, ijs. I did notice Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan try to run the role he had for Dez in last week’s game vs. Washington for (WR) Terrence Williams this week. The End-routs seemed to work (for a little while) but what happened Terrence? For someone who is in his CONTRACT YEAR you are NOT FOCUSED at all this season (so far). I can only hope you refocus T-Willy. So, back to the “DOGHOUSE” you go.

Another average showing by the defense vs. The Bears. I applaud Defensive Coordinator Ron Marinelli having this Defensive playing over their talent level we have to do something about the lack of pass rush. I can appreciate the rotation of the Defensive Line and having fresh bodies rushing the quarterback, but we need to have someone stand out and we are not getting that from anyone these past 3 games. There are a couple of bright spots, (DE) David Irving and (DT) Jack Crawford but we don’t have the time to have these guys develop into the pass rushers we need. WE HAVE TO PRESSURE THE QUARTERBACK  NOW. The Cowboys have gotten away with this so far, but we can NOT continue to play like this on Defense because we will be exposed and taken advantaged of as the season goes on. Our D-line got caught a couple of times by the Bears O-line and their running backs, mainly Howard, going up the middle, just like in the Giants game (Week 1).

The Linebackers played well. Their play was solid but we have to be more consistent. Though I did see (LB) Anthony Hitchens out of position a couple of times, but he played much, much better than he did versus the Redskins. Our linebackers have to play the opposing TightendS better than what they have been these past 3 weeks. We are being exposed right up the middle of our Defense, either Running or by the pass. This has to be fixed quick and in a hurry.

If your Defensive Line and Linebacker are being hurt so badly in this defense this means that our Defensive backs and Safeties are playing above average. I have to say they are playing better than I expected. They are playing a lot of one on one coverage this year and they are holding up this far. Props to the coaches having these guys playing at a high level. Defensive back Morris Claiborne is playing out of his mind right now. With the injury to (DB) Orlando Scandrick, Mo-Clai is playing exceptional ball. Rookie (DB) Anthony Brown is getting more and more experience early in the season playing the slot. I can only hope the secondary hold up until we can get our defensive woes together.

Last week I made a comment about “trick plays” and look what Coach Garrett did, he woke-up everyone in using them, hahahaha. Luckily that on-sides kick Chicago tried got called back due to a penalty, which was questionable, ijs. All and all good HOME WIN for the Cowboys, the Bears tried to stay in it and gave a valiant effort. One more week till we get some help with our pass rush. Demarcus Lawrence hurry back, I hope you are ready, because this team NEEDS YOU!

On to the next game at San Francisco, 10/2. Maybe this is the “TRAP GAME” I really hope not. I don’t see S.F. having anything MORE THAN any other team we have played this far in this young 2016 Season.

Lastly, thank you all for the support and I look forward to writing more about your beloved Cowboys. Let me tell you all this, don’t expect my blogs to be this long this is only this long because I have a lot to say this week and I want to make a good impression 😉 If you are interested in reading my first 2 weeks of the 2016 Season reviews of our Cowboys, let me know and I will post or send them to you, leave your information in the comments area. Also, feel free to leave comments and I will try to get to them as soon as I can, as often as I can.

#Staytuned, #showsomelove, #leavecomments

DCB4L Cowboy Nation!!!

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3 Comments on Week 3, 2016 Season

  1. Patricia Sutton // September 26, 2016 at 6:34 pm // Reply

    I’m interested in reading your first 2 weeks of Cowboys reviews.

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  2. Patricia, Thank you for your comment. I will post my first two reviews as soon as I can. I really hope you continue to support 🙂


  3. Patricia I have posted my first 2 week reviews of the Cowboy Season. Please let me know what you think. DCB4L


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