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Week 1, 2016 Season


Cowboys 19, Giants 20

Wow, what a game ๐Ÿ™‚ Our boys played a lot better than I expected. I knew the Giants would come to PLAY. Unfortunately we couldn’t score 7, but we settled for 3. Scoring 3 in today’s NFL will get you beat every time. But I guess 3 is better than 0.

We may have lost Sunday, but we WON in a lot of ways. One in particular was the play of Rookie QB Dak Prescott, if you didn’t believe in him before you should believe in him now. The Giants blitzed this kid silly Sunday afternoon, they tried everything they could to rattle this young man and they just couldn’t scare him into making “that costly TURNOVER”. I was impressed with the rookie. So much poise, and confidence. He maybe a ROOKIE, but the “Rookie” gave this TEAM a chance to win at the end.

Letโ€™s talking about the Offensive Line, the line played well enough for Dak to make a couple plays, but there were a few slips here and there. I was so ready to through my football into the Television. (RT) Doug Free got beat with the inside move a couple times. (LG) Collins also got beat a couple times with the same move on his side of the ball. For the most part, they held their own against a feisty Giants front, an EXPENSIVE FRONT at that.

Our Runningbacks played well. I was impressed with the 3 man rotation (Elliot, Morris & Dunbar). Elliot ran well, the Giants made him work for EVERY YARD. Dunbar FLASHED in the plays that he was in, it was good to see him back on the field since his injury. Morris played VERY WELL in his debut with the Cowboys. I think Morris should split the carries with the rookie Elliot (my opinion).

Tight-ends/Wide-outs, great game for (TE) Witten and (WR) Beasly, still should have scored on the pass in the RED ZONE. (WR) Butler FLASHED a couple times as well. I just couldn’t put my finger on what the Giants were doing to Dez Bryant, after his 1st catch, which turned out to be his ONLY catch of the game. He just couldn’t pull the ball in a couple routine “Dez Bryant Catches” he just couldn’t make in this game. I know the sun played a factor in the game a couple times, but really Dez. I can only hope they are more aggressive next game (@ Washington). (WR) T.Williams had a good game up until the final game winning drive for the winning FG (I just knew (FG) Bailey) would have made any kick from 55-60 yards if given the chance). To say T-Willy had a “Brain Fart” is an understatement, he isn’t a rookie he should know better, NO EXCUSES for that.

We all know the Cowboys Achilles heal is its DEFENSE. I want to give Coach Marinelli, some PARTIAL Props in keeping the Cowboys Defense in the game (mentally). Big-ups to (CB) O.Scandrick for coming back in the game after getting beat for the long pass to ODB to set up one of the Giants TDs. The Rookie (CB) A.Brown played well in his absence, even though he gave up the Wheel route for the TD. Our DLine played well through-out the game, but they kept getting beat up the middle. The Giants could have ran a mack truck up those holes up the middle of the Dallas Defense. We have to find a way to prevent that from happening. The pass rush was nonexistent, we came close a couple times but we HAVE TO GET PRESSURE on the quarterback. This is why I give HUGE props to the DBs and Safetyโ€™s, our Cowboys played a lot of 1 of 1 coverage against the Giants on Sunday. So giving up 20 points to the Giants wasn’t so bad. If you trade the FGs we made for TDs we would be talking about a Cowboy’s WIN today.

Lastly, I want to say… (S) J.J. Wilcox, GREAT play in popping (RB) Jennings and keeping him from making that last first down for the Giants in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter.


You (J.J. Wilcox) continue to miss tackles and play out of position A LOT, we can’t keep having this J.J.

Good game Giants, close game Cowboys, but there is a FUTURE for this franchise. Dak is the REAL DEAL and he is worth the price of admission. (I wouldn’t trade, Dak/Zeke/Alfred/Dez/Cole/Jason)

On to the next game @ Washington, 9/18 (Early Game).

DCB4L Cowboy Nation…

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