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Week 2, 2016 Season


Cowboys 27, Redskins 23

Another intense game for the Cowboys. Our boys played better than they did in Week 1 (vs. Giants). I see we still are having some trouble in the RED ZONE settling for 3 points instead of TOUCHDOWNS (Grrrrrrrrr).

Such a HUGE WIN for the boys on the road, in a hostile environment vs. our hated rival (Redskins). What a gutsy, smash mouth NFC EAST game. Both teams played with heart and “want to”. Our “Rookie” Quarterback, Dak Prescott showed why he IS THE FUTURE LEADER of this franchise, playing another smart, poised and CONFIDENT game. He made some good throws but missed on a couple as well. He adds another dimension to the offense with his rushing ability scoring on a scrambling touchdown. Dak didn’t play outside of himself he took what the Redskins gave him. The kid has “IT” and as long as he stays HUMBLE and plays within himself and keeps his CONFIDENCE HIGH, the sky is the limit for this kid. You have to be a fan by now…

Let’s talk about the Offensive Line. The O-line played well vs. the Redskins, they didn’t’ seem too over matched like they did vs. the Giants last week. The O-lined controlled the line of scrimmage for the most part, but they did have breakdowns here and there. You have to give it to the coaches for going over the tape from last week’s game and making the much needed corrections. (RT) Doug Free struggled from time to time, but played a much, much better game vs. the Skins. (LG) Collins was more consistent this week.

Our Runningbacks played well. I’m still impressed with the 3 back rotation (Elliot, Morris & Dunbar). Elliot again ran with HEART and Strength, but he is still not being patient in waiting/looking for holes to open up in the offense. The two fumbles hurt the offense in this game but luckily it didn’t cost the Cowboys the game. He has to protect the ball better. I am not going to lie though, the Redskins (CB) Josh Norman impressed me with the Charles “Peanut” Tillman PUNCH of the ball on Elliot’s run. That was a CLASSIC play for Norman. (RB) L. Dunbar had another good game, flashing here and there in the passing game. It’s good to see that his knee is holding up and he is working his way back into the Cowboy Offense. What a Homecoming for (RB) Alfred Morris huh? I really like Alfred, the only thing about Alfred that pissed me off was that every time he was in the game, the Redskins knew he was going to get the ball… WTF. I think this kid needs to START a couple games for the Boyz, let Zeke watch how it’s done. Morris runs with so much patience and waits for the holes to develop before he HITS the hole. Zeke could learn a lot from this veteran. Let the kid work more on 3 downs, that way he can be a huge threat in the passing game (since he catches the ball so well out the backfield).

What did I say during the Pittsburgh vs. Redskin game? The Steelers gave the Cowboys the BLUEPRINT to beat the Redskins, pick on (CB) Bashaud Breeland. That is exactly what the Cowboys did, they went at Breeland pretty much every time he matched up on (WR) Dez Bryant. Dez must have run the “end route” 10 times (Exaggeration), but daym enough times at Breeland, I’m sure he was seeing that route in his sleep last night. BIG-UPS to Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan for making the adjustments from last week’s game in getting Dez the ball (MORE). Our Captain (TE) Jason Witten was steady as always. (WR) Cole Beasly make a few clutch catches as well. I have a question for Cowboy Nation, anyone see (WR) Terence Williams or Brice Butler in this game? I was going to put out a “Missing Person’s” report for these guys? All I can assume is that the offense was more focused on getting Dez the ball this week. We need these two if we are going to go far this year.

I have to give it up to our Defense in this game. They really stepped up, they did a lot of bending, but didn’t BREAK. Pass Rush is still an issue with this team, but Defensive Coordinator Marinelli had the Defense READY. The Defense played well they were aggressive, took a lot of chances too. I love the D-Line rotation he has going, keeping the guys fresh. Though we didn’t sack the quarterback as much as I’d like to see, you could see the Line putting pressure on the Redskins Quarterback.

The linebackers played well and held up for the most part. GREAT play by (LB) J. Durant with the deflection of Cousin’s pass to seal the win. Our Defensive Captain, (LB) Shawn Lee played well, was around the ball a lot (as usual) but did have a couple missed tackles. (LB) A. Hitchens needs to let the game come to him, I saw him pressing a lot, trying to be in every play which got him caught out of position a couple times. This kid is fast, but it’s not always about being fast in “The League” you have to play smart and instinctively, I’ve seen him do it, I know he can. Hitch, settle down my man.

I did notice some breakdowns in the secondary. Washington’s Quarterback Kirk Cousins had receivers running wide open a few times. Our Secondary played hard and did their best to cover Washington’s receivers, like the Giants group of receivers last week. (CB) Orlando Scandrick played alright with his sore hamstring, at least he gutted it out and did what he could. (CB) Brandon Carr made a couple plays, was a little late in coverage, but didn’t hurt the defense any. My MVP for this week’s game on the Defense is (CB) Morris Claiborne, he has been the best Cornerback for the Cowboys thus far in this young season. “Mo-Clai” is looking for a big contract at the end of this year, keep it up he just might get it. (S) B. Church, beautiful play in the endzone for that interception. The Defense needed that one, HUGE PLAY the “Game Changer”. (S) J.J. Wilcox, better play this week, but I still saw some plays here and there, but much better this week than last.

Lastly, I want to say…

What were you thinking Coach Jason Garrett? An on-sides kick, REALLY? Do you know what doors that play could have opened? We are the LAST TEAM that needs to call a play like that. Luckily it only cost us 3 points. (Shhhh I really didn’t mind that play though, it was gutsy, and I didn’t thing JG had it in him to call something like that, Shhhh don’t tell nobody)

Good game Redskins, “Too Close for Comfort” Cowboys. Like I said before a WIN in the division and on the road is a GOOD WIN. Dak, IS THE FUTURE and the future for this team is BRIGHT. Two more weeks before we get some help back on the Defense. Stay together fellas…

On to the next game vs. Chicago, 9/25 (Sunday Night Football, before a NATIONAL AUDIENCE). The world will be watching Dak, show-em and show-OUT.

DCB4L Cowboy Nation!!

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