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Our first road trip as a group

Winning all around the board. Life is good as Cowboy fan, and so is our group with this recent documented journey.

Taking our group down the coast from Seattle 2 Santa Clara

Recently I won a pair of tickets on a good friends of mine Fantasy Football app called Win-Win. He reached out to me initially to help spread the word of their release. On the other side he knows how big of a Cowboy fan I am. Knowing I would play for a chance to win some tickets.

Needless to say I won! Once I got word, I made plans to journey down to Levi’s Stadiumย and represent our group. Most importantly my belief was we would win. Secondly I wanted to use this opportunity to share this experience with our group.

What an epic experience it was!

Meeting my cousin Mike for the first time (who is a die hard DC fan also) was pretty epic in itself. Since I had 2 tickets it only made sense. Family and football. No need to talk about the game, stats, or small details. I documented my journey on social media through our group Instagram here. As I drove down the coast I used the hashtag #seattle2santaclara. So for those of us who are tech savvy query that and check out all the content of the journey.

My personal Facebook account is public, so be sure to check it out. If your a die hard Cowboy fan like me, add me as a friend and lets get ready for week 5 as we face the Bengals at home!

Here are some pictures from the day, and be sure to watch the victory formation and chant after the game as Cowboys Nation took over Levi’s Stadium here.

In conclusion, stay tuned for next weeks game recap by Curt, who also is a blogger here and member of our group. If you would like to join our team and contribute to this site, shoot me a message. Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

Until next time STARS UP!

Barry “Old Navy” Gipson

About Barry Gipson (88 Articles)
Die Hard True Blue Dallas Cowboys fan on a mission to connect our fan base globally through social media. Sharing stories about fans inspired me to take on the journey of creating the first ever fan website. Built by fans for fans. Official America*s Team!

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