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Why this rookie’s performance unintentionally divides a fan base

Aug 19, 2016; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) and quarterback Tony Romo (9) talk during the pregame warmups against the Miami Dolphins at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo or Dak Prescott in week 8?

As each week passes with a Cowboys win under Dak Prescott’s charge, the discussion becomes louder.  Should he remain the starter even when a healthy Tony Romo is medically cleared against the Eagles in week 8?

Over the last week within our “Legacy Group” the division is becoming more clear. After running a poll the majority of those who participated voted on Dak remaining the starter. Clearly due to his recent play, and getting the Boys out to a notable 4-1 record. Unfortunately because of Tony’s injury history, and inability to win at the highest level during his tenure to date. Could this be a shift in an era for America*s Team?

Dallas Cowboys

The first legacy Facebook group of it’s kind.

Although this conversation appears to by dividing a fan base, it’s much deeper than that. One thing for sure is that change is inevitable. When we accept and embrace change we should focus on the bigger picture here.

Old Fan’s Vs New Fan’s

As a member in many Cowboys groups on Facebook, I have discovered a trend. It’s clear there is now division of a fan base, only generational in my opinion for the majority. Over the last 10 years while Romo has been in the pocket we all rode the “roller coaster of injury” with him. Time and time again placing our faith that he would lead us to victory. During that ride he has broken statistical records, and the hearts of many fans of our team.

As we went out and signed Mark Sanchez after Jameill Showers blew his opportunity out of the discussion, Dak assumed the starting position for the regular season. Now the media is hyping up a rookie showdown in Philly for week 8. Are you buying into it?


Screen Shot Credit Matt Green

There is one fact many of us are overlooking. Reports have come out stating there is no discussion in who will start week 8. Regardless, the chatter in Cowboy groups are that Dak should remain the starter. Fans among the groups are digging their feet into the ground and picking sides in the process.

United we stand divided we fall

Let’s face it, we have bigger fish to fry in this country. Form various topics in the media there seem to be division among the masses on a plethora of issues.

Understand this. I do agree fans should have their ability to express who they desire to drive this team to the Superbowl. The fact that we have a budding rookie, and a banged up veteran as our QB’s on America*s Team the way ahead should be what we focus on. Not week 8 and who is starting.

Who says they both cant ensure we arrive in Houston for the biggest stage of their careers? Why does it have to be one or the other? As long as our team continues to put wins in our record book this season I am fine with whatever choice Jerry and his son’s decide to do with this situation. After years of not having the quarterback luxury we have now, all of the sudden we as a collective fan base are imposing our beliefs on who should be the starter. Let’s enjoy this ride together, not fight like siblings along the way. This is why this group was created. To grow with each other over the course of this season.

In conclusion if you’re a real Cowboys supporter, you will support whoever is in the pocket and is producing. After all it is a team sport.

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