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Why this elite rookie is benefiting from a 2014 blueprint

Ezekiel Elliot is carrying America*s Team through familiar blueprint

It’s safe to say America*s Team is back in good hands. All that hype about a Green Bay Packer defense slowing down Ezekiel Elliot was just that, hype. One overlooked area of concern was this. Who did the Packers play prior to Dallas with an elite talent like Zeke’s, and an offensive line unit considered one of the best in the league?

Yes you’re right, I left out a Minnesota Viking’s team with a once considered elite back a season ago in Adrian Peterson.  He netted -1.7 yards per carry against Green Bay’s defense. However that Minnesota offensive line does not match up with Dallas’. AD also has a few years of father time on his resume, unlike Elliot.

When Jerry Jones drafted Elliot before attending to the needs of the defensive side of the ball it was clear. To Jerry that  is.  That back in 2014 DeMarco Murray carried this franchise behind that offensive line which then the blueprint was developed. Run the ball, manage the clock, keep our defense off the field, win games. He totaled a whopping 1,845 yards in 2014 behind that offensive line. In 2015 Darren Mcfadden ran behind that same line for a season total of  1,089 yards.


Murray rushed for 123 yards on 25 attempts. 1 TD, and 1 fumble in 2014 against the Packers

There is an old saying that defense wins games. On the contrary a good offense can win, and keep your defense off the field through clock management. Therefore not exposing any defense weakness, if there are any. Running the ball effectively, converting on 3rd downs, and preventing turnovers seems like memory lane for our beloved franchise. Dallas’s defense clearly showed more signs of life making plays and intercepting Rogers at home. Which statistically rarely happens.

History repeating itself

Now in 2016 we are seeing some of the same results. With younger talent, and a surprising 4th round draft pick in Dak Prescott things are opening up more for Elliot. As each game passes Elliot’s numbers are increasing. After passing the quiz in week 6 now the test comes in week 8 against division rival Philadelphia Eagles. Did I mention he is the first rookie to average 130 yards in a four game span?

One thing is for certain. Elliot is clearly separating himself from others in the NFL rushing leader category. After carrying the ball for 28 times for 157 yards. Against the best run defense in the NFL. Averaging 5.6 yards per carry.

Let the debate again leading into week eight

As we head into the bye week, and look to play Philadelphia in week at home there is clear momentum. No longer will we debate about the production of Elliot. He has clearly set the tone. Now the media will continue to live off the quarterback debate. Who starts in week 8 at home?


Ezekiel Elliot continues to impress his rookie of the year campaign, and potential to break the all time rushing leader record Erick Dickers holds with 2,105 yards in 1984. Credit

Either way, whoever it is just hand the ball to Elliot and let him do his thing at home where he shredded a Cincinnati defense for 134 total yards and 2 TD’s. There will be however discussion at this pace will he eclipse  Erick Dickerson’s record of 2,105 yards in 1984. One year before I attended my first Cowboys game in Dallas. With 703 total yards after 6 games, he is potentially on path to break it. Thanks to the blueprint from 2014, and the house that Jerry built.

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