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What this attractive duo can actually accomplish this season with your vote

Get on the campaign trail with America*s Team

In the history of the NFL there have yet to be documented 2 players from the same team to notch both Rookie Of The Year (ROY), and Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the same season. With the play of these 2 rookies, history has the potential to be broken this season.ย moatga

The Dallas Cowboys have jumped out to an impressive 5-1 start behind these candidates. With the bye week at bay, and then playing Philadelphia in week 8 at home, there will be much debate to begin on this presidential topic. Dak or Tony at QB? Donald or Hillary for President? The fact remains. These 2 rookies are “Making America*s Team Great Again!” Can their campaign continue to win the votes of those who matter at this level of production?

As the country is headed into the final debate of the free world between two candidates, there is much debate about 2 rookies who are heading up America*s Team. One of which will he keep his starting role, and the other on will he break the all time season rushing record held by Eric Dickerson. Either way it is safe to say that America has it’s work cut out for her. Shaping up much more debate on the horizon.


Let the real debate begin. Can these 2 rookies do the unthinkable?

This debate has yet to actually became a topic however. Yet. Neither was the state of our Facebook group back in July when it began. Predicting that this team would head into the Super Bowl 51 in Houston this season.It’s safe to say we are “doubling down” at this point.

Could these two rookies be the first duo to ever capture both ROY and MVP on the same team? it’s very possible at the rate they are currently playing.

Records are made to be broken. However this is yet to be a record, other than not existing to date.

In week 6 against the best running defense in the NFL, Elliot torched the Packers. Becoming the first rookie to ever rush for over 130 yards in 4 consecutive games. In the same breath Dak Prescott breaks another record by completing most passes completed without an interception. A record previously held by Tom Brady. Are these 2 stars beginning to capture your vote?

The state of the union and our mission

Reflecting back to July when our group started. We have formed in the same season that would separate us from other groups. By predicting our team would land in the Super Bowl. Traveling together and standing out as a “Legacy Group.” Quite a bold statement as some would say our delusional fan base does each season.

The fact remains we are in contention. Our campaign is getting stronger. These 2 candidates add the needed assurance. Doubling down on that it is our firm conviction that both Elliot, and Prescott shall be the first tandem MVP and ROY on the same team. Not only making America*s Team “Presidential,” but so great in a way to unify a nation.

Dallas Cowboys

The first legacy Facebook group of it’s kind. Join our campaign for Americas Team to win Super Bowl 51 this year.

In conclusion what is the real debate? The state of the country’s leaders, or the state of America*s Team? Which choice gives the most hope? The decision is up to you as we head into the bye week. Leading up to week eight when we play at home.

Be sure to get connected with us today, and join in on all the fun of this season. We have over 3,100 members in our group, and boast one of the best Cowboys group to date.

We’re unique with our vision and purpose. There are no other groups on Facebook that compares to us. Quite Presidential in a sense. Join our party and help us campaign the remainder of the season. After all we have two potentially hall of fame candidates to support. Cast your vote today!


******Strength is in numbers. Let’s all show our support in unity. We have ours. Click the picture below, and get yours today!******



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