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Why this Dallas Cowboys group has elite membership

The 100 member “Elite Status” commenced week 10

It’s time to take our group to the next level. Doing so means recognizing our members who represent it on the next level. At the half way mark of the season our group is growing daily. With almost 4500 members we’re recognizing those members who shape the culture within it.

Over the remaining weeks, every Saturday before game days on Sunday we will recognize 12 members who are making things happen in our group. From engaging content, growing our member base, and adding personality to the group members will be hand picked and recognized.

Although there were many other deserving members, it’s time to step your game up and stay engaged. Elite means very few selections.By doing so you could be awarded the stamp of approval as an elite member. This award is earned, and not given. Only 100 members of this group will be cemented in history as our team makes it Super Bowl run in Houston.

Check out these first 12 elite members

On game days when you see these profile pictures, know they have been recognized on an elite status within our group. Join us today and get engaged and solidify your legacy today!





About Barry Gipson (88 Articles)
Die Hard True Blue Dallas Cowboys fan on a mission to connect our fan base globally through social media. Sharing stories about fans inspired me to take on the journey of creating the first ever fan website. Built by fans for fans. Official America*s Team!

1 Comment on Why this Dallas Cowboys group has elite membership

  1. I’m honored and humbled. I would not venture to say I have a myriad of passions in my life. Besides music, gaming and my family, the Cowboys are in my blood. My love for this team was probably grown out of the sibling rivalry with my brother who is 4 years older than me and a devout
    Steelers fan. At any rate, I live and breathe for the star, and like most people, their weekly wins or losses will severely dictate my mood for the rest of the week… LOL thank you again, and I will continue to voice my opinion about the greatest NFL team ever!


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