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4 Reasons why “Deztiny” is unfolding with the Dallas Cowboys

Adversity builds more team character and stronger bond

Eight weeks in a row now the Dallas Cowboys have fought through adversity to win on the field. Off the field the night before the game against Pittsburgh, Dez Bryant learned about the passing of his father. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


Dez posting a tribute to his father in the news of his passing on Instagram. 

As if the game itself had been hyped up enough by the media, and in some Steeler fans eyes, was the Super Bowl of the season for them. Riding a 7 game win streak coming in, even the bookies in Vegas had the odds in Steelers favor over Dallas.

This was the week for the “Big Test” for this team. A broken record we keep hearing each week. In actuality it was bigger than just a game to Dez though. Clearly this type of tragedy is expected for players to miss games, and mourn their loss.

Dez understands how much this season means to his team, and this brotherhood. He elected to play despite his father’s passing. Something that nobody should ever question moving forward about Dez being selfish, and all about him. Clearly he sacrificed everything for everything but himself.

4 reasons why this team is battle tested, and ready to become national champions again

Back in July, I called it before anyone could imagine. America*s Team would be sitting at the top if the entire NFL rankings. It is my firm belief that Coach Jason Garrett did also. Building his dynasty from Oxnard, CA at training camp. Preaching the message of destiny, and the Cowboys Way. Vision is the first and foremost thing it takes to become a champion.

The preparation is in the separation. Over the last 4 years Dallas has invested in it’s offensive line. Clearly in 2014 it was evident when DeMarco Murray was racking up chunk yardage. Rookie Running back Ezekiel Elliot is the NFL leading rusher, and clearly a dominating force. Establishing a good running game is how championships are won. Controlling the clock, and wearing down defenses in the long game.

When you look up the definition of poise in the dictionary, you’re likely going to find a picture of 4th round draft pick Dak Prescott. Leadership inspires greatness, and when things get going tough, the tough get going. Despite his fumble on the first drive of the game he didn’t waiver.


Leadership sets the tone among teams, and this rookie is clearly head and shoulders above those in his rookie class. 

This behavior has became contagious on game days for the Cowboys. Leading by example, and staying focused on the TEAM. Leaders always place their teams before their own desires. It takes an on field general to be a leader of men and accomplish weekly objectives despite the adversity its faced.  Dak is doing just that.

On every championship team there are role players, and supporting cast. On and off the field. Despite the lack of Dez’s production up to this point in the season, it was fitting that he caught a TD pass from Dak Prescott on 3rd and long. In a game most would have written him off.


Coach Garrett embracing Dez during his game ball acceptance after their emotional win in Pittsburgh. 

After the win, he was presented the game ball from Coach Garrett. Sacrificing his own feelings for the game, his impact was felt on, and off the field. As a team this tragic event brought this team that much closer. The entire team felt for Bryant, and was his supporting cast in this tough time.

In conclusion

It’s not the Super Bowl 51 Championship deztination we arrive at that matters. It’s who we become in the process along the journey. The last 8 weeks have seen flashes of vision, muscle, leadership, and a supporting cast. From the like’s of future Hall Of Fame Veteran players like Tony Romo. It’s a group of men putting it all on the line for each other this season. Those sacrifices are paying dividends on and off the field.

If you have not joined our “Legacy Group” on Facebook, please do so. With over 4,400 members we are on a similar journey this season with our team. Come check us out and get in on all the fun and growth we are experiencing. This is your chance now to make history with us!

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