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Why Dallas Cowboy haters are currently being diagnosed with this disease

Dallas Cowboy haters have recently been diagnosed with this threatening new disease. Please be cautious and inform all Cowboys Nation members.

A new disease of hating classified by CDC

After another win against the Ravens in week 11, our winning streak is 9. We have much to rejoice about Cowboys Nation. As a voice of the Nation I wanted to do my part in keeping you all abreast of our so called haters. I have conducted research on a breaking disease among Cowboys haters. Please read this in it’s entirety.

Cowboy haters are confused right now. Over the years they have had the luxury of projecting their hate towards our team, and immediate shortcomings. Each week we have too hear, this week will be “The Test.” Well in my belief we have aced the first half of the season on honor roll status. Perhaps we have been given test’s by fan bases that are in fact sick after these 9 long weeks.


Not being able to share their stored up bank of hate memes and images, they’re finding themselves even more confused.

Not being able to fathom how we’re winning, they’ve currently been seen for these new symptoms by a doctor. Symptoms of sadness, and not being able to utilize their phones in ways before against America*s Team.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has now diagnosed this new disease as chronic sports P.T.S.D. Broken down as “Phone Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Beware of diagnosed haters on social media

Instead of saying we have yet to beat anyone with a better than .500 record, they state our schedule is weak. After beating the “best defense” in the league with the Baltimore Ravens, they will now shift their focus to stating we will lose in the playoffs. As they look for answers this disease continues to remain compartmentalized in their minds, and phones respectively.

Shall we continue to play at this efficient rate we will capture the division. Secure home field advantage, and have a 1st week bye heading into post season. Once we head to the Super Bowl in Houston, they will claim we wont win it all with a rookie because it’s never been done before.

Once we win it all, they will claim that Jerry Jones paid the league to allow this to happen with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Still remaining in denial. All the while this infectious P.T.S.D. disease consumes them in the off season.

In conclusion

Haters are extremely mad. Our ratings are up on TV as we head into Thanksgiving Day to break yet another viewer record. They impatiently wait for our downfall. In hopes of launching their hate towards the greatest team in the league, and largest most loyal fan base in the world. Keep your heads on a swivel Cowboys Nation. Our haters are exploring for new ways to remove the hate from their system.

More to follow after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned.

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