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Why Cowboys Nation will absolutely love this wonderful new social app

Imagine a social sports application that’s solely designed for your favorite team, and it’s fans to compete within. Now there is one. Learn more now!

Cowboys Nation unites globally inside one application

I take great pleasure in being one of the first to inform all of my Dallas Cowboys family about this fun and exciting new social application that just launched in both iOS and Android app stores. The name? FireFan.

A world where sports fans can flock to and socialize about one thing only. Our Dallas Cowboys. This is the 1st ever live interactive sports application in the market place.  14721623_1731873790471412_1911746549551113837_n

An application where you can play real time with family, friends, athletes, and celebrities! Interactive applications are the new “it” when it comes to playing application games. Take for example Pokemon Go. Once introduced to the marketplace, it went viral within days due to it’s interactive nature.

FireFan is being dubbed the “Facebook of sports.” As the game will drive interactive play during live sporting events, the social aspect of the app will allow its users to talk strictly about sports. A match made in heaven for Cowboys Nation. Consuming nothing but Cowboys content during games will be fascinating. The only talk around the clock in the app can be about our Boys!

How to get into the game

This Thanksgiving the application will be available to all sports fans around the globe to download and socialize in. In addition the game will have options for you to choose before, and during the game.

Asking questions about what might occur in the game. Like how many passes, yards, kicks, and penalties that might occur by teams and players. A definite game changer. Players who answer questions correctly earn reward points, and are  recognized on leader boards for their achievements. Chatting back and forth during the game in the app with all others in a particular league.

Allowing those who dominate the game to share on other social media platforms. Giving them bragging rights to knowing their teams better than other fans. Sound interesting? Come join me and my Facebook “Legacy Group” here.

In conclusion

Just reading our group blog for the first time? Please come and join the one and only Dallas Cowboys Facebook “Legacy Group.” With over 5,900 members we are the fastest growing fan group on Facebook. Come see what all the hype is about.

Be sure to subscribe to our blog here to receive all our updates via email.  How do you think the Cowboys will finish this season after a 9-1 start? Leave us a comment below with your predictions. See you in the game!

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