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Thou shall absolutely not bandwagon America*s Team this year

Where are they coming form?

With our success this season on the field, it appears there is a multitude of “new” fans arriving to jump on board the Official America*s Team bandwagon. I will say that I knew it would come beforehand in July. I mean, predicting this dominating run only means heavy is the head that wears the crown. Had the Cowboys had another dismal season I would have heard about it until death. However now things are getting out of control and must be addressed.

As a resident near Seattle since 2014, the year we beat them at Century Link, I could not find one Cowboys fan out in public. That same year Seattle won the Super Bowl. Moving on to the Cowboys 4-12 season in 2015, still not one random fan could be found. Now however in 2016 each time I leave the house to go to the store, out to eat, or even to just walk my dogs, I see Cowboys fans. In Seattle.

The most deadliest bandwagon contributor

Since everyone wants to Facebook “Live” now my news feed stays packed full of obnoxious fans celebrating Cowboys wins. Now the true fans we know of, and have officially been certified in the Cowboys fan registry, this is not about you.

The thirst for attention is at an all time high thanks to technology and social media. With the success of the Cowboys this season. We are now seeing a multitude of “new fans” popping up all over social media. Especially Facebook. Not only do I walk outside my door to find new fans, I open up my time line in the morning to see them also. Making it hard to differentiate between who my friends that are true blue fans, or those who came out of hiding. Every day I block bandwagon fans from joining our “Legacy Group.”


The mobile phone has now seemingly gave the idea to anyone to come out of the closet, buy some Cowboys gear, and get on “Live” to show their unyielding loyalty to the best team currently in the NFL.

Dig your heels in Cowboys Nation. We already have a hard enough time defending our team from the haters. Now the so called bandwagon is full and I need your help.

Real Cowboy fans need to do this

This is a call to all my true blue die hard Cowboys Nation. “Throw a flag” on the play when you see it. Call them out. Put them on blast. Not only are we defending our team from the haters, we must also deter those band wagon hopefuls. The message of “Thou Shall Not Bandwagon” will be our battle cry. All the while focusing on winning the remainder of the season we must defend our true fan base from the fake.

For all my real Cowboys Nation friends please take advantage of our Official Group T-Shirts below. Currently 25% off. This is a one of a kind shirt you will not find anywhere else, and must be a group member to purchase. Click the image to purchase one now.






About Barry Gipson (88 Articles)
Die Hard True Blue Dallas Cowboys fan on a mission to connect our fan base globally through social media. Sharing stories about fans inspired me to take on the journey of creating the first ever fan website. Built by fans for fans. Official America*s Team!

2 Comments on Thou shall absolutely not bandwagon America*s Team this year

  1. I been a cowboy fan all my life,and I’am 56yrs old my birthday is Thursday Dec 8. No i’am not ashame to tell my age,its a blessing but I love my boyz,my daddy raise me to b a die hard fan I want Rayne Dakoto Prescott to take us to thu SUPERBOWL yea Romo can come in as backup QB some but Dakoto deserve to take us and win it oh yes we neen to c if Romo still have it and is he well yet.he has been a great QB in thu past can’t take that away from him..

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