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The “21 Red Kettle Challenge” inspired by Ezekiel Elliot

How the impact of Ezekiel Elliot’s penalty on the field will affect those off. Let’s follow his lead and donate to charity via this Cowboys Nation challenge.

Greetings Cowboys Nation! I know it has been awhile updating our blog. We have went on to beat Minnesota, lose a nail biter to the Giants, and beat a feisty Tampa Bay team since our last update. Feeling inspired by the holiday and Ezekiel Elliot’s actions last night I wanted to share this with you today.

Then there was the “Red Kettle Hop.”

Unfortunately Zeke was flagged on the play for excessive celebration however it’s impact afterward for only 15 yards will create awareness for those in a position to donate this season to the Salvation Army.

After waking up to another Victory Monday I felt compelled by Zeke’s actions to go out and do my part. Helping others in need is something we as Americans should focus on more. Taking action when it can be taken at any position. I was truly inspired by Zeke’s “Red Kettle Hop.”

While out running around last minute Christmas shopping today I wanted to take action by initiating a challenge to all of Cowboys Nation. The #21redkettlechallenge. Donating $21 dollars in relation to Zeke’s jersey number. The Red Kettle is the symbol of the Salvation Army and ties it all together. Donate what you can however, and use the hashtag to show your support. Encourage other Cowboys fans to get involved by challenging them too.

So if your reading this, go out and thank those volunteers who are providing a community service today. ย By donating their time for us to donate what we can to this wonderful partnership between our team and the Salvation Army celebrating 20 years! Again If you’re unable to donate, simply thank those volunteers for standing there ringing the bell and doing their part.

Take action Cowboys Nation. Zeke did, now let’s follow his lead together. Check out my Cowboys Nation call to action video here.


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