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How Tony Romo can actually play under this one condition

As the window is closing this season the likelihood of watching Tony take the field again as a Cowboy has also. With the exception of this one condition

It’s always business with Jerry, even with Tony this season

After the Dallas Cowboys handed the Detroit Lions a loss at AT&T Stadium during week 16 this past Sunday the debate is all but beginning to close. Will we see Tony Romo play again? Previously this season I put together my philosophy on how Jerry Jones was dealing the ultimate hand of Texas Hold’em. Predicting Tony to play at some point before the end of this season.

Anticipating how the eventual sighting of Tony Romo would manifest before regular season’s end, I was wrong. The window is closing faster, and so is the game. It’s highly unlikely we ever see Tony play in a Dallas uniform again. With exception to this one condition he could though.


Despite our loyalty to either player the writing is on the wall. The veteran leader of  America*s team is currently being replaced by an elite rookie. 

Most Cowboys fans are self centered. I know this personally, and can speak too it as a result. When we examine Cowboys media content we tend to get emotional. Imposing how we feel about our team on other fans on social media.

However when you examine this debate and strategy with a business lens, and not as fans it just makes sense. This season has clearly shown us as fans who pays attention, and who doesn’t to the moves our leadership makes and why.

Let’s think of ourselves as business owners with how Jerry is handling our current QB situation.

Results and bottom line are what matters most in business

Despite the media reports the recent article on the Official Cowboys site about Tyron Smith’s injury, I’m not buying the narrative on Tony. Alluding to the fact he wouldn’t play behind the second team offensive lineman against Philly. So, OK what about Dak? If you believe that I have some ocean front property in New Mexico for sale. Another example of Jerry using the media to distract the real reason behind his moves.

Back to business. Which clearly Jerry is very calculated in providing the media enough to chat about, or rather to distract us as previously stated. Dak has given our team results this season we could have never imagined. All the while Tony being placed in an emergency QB glass case on the sideline. Only to broken “In case of emergency.” 

Tony’s value is increasing for next season as a bargaining chip as each game is won with Dak running the show. Now I know Tony will get to choose his next destination if that process develops in the off season. So why would we see Tony before Mark Sanchez as the backup against Philly this week? We wont. Here’s why.

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys

Aug 19, 2016; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) and quarterback Tony Romo (9) talk during the pregame warm ups against the Miami Dolphins at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As a business person, you must take calculated risk’s on your day to day operations. Fortunately for Dak he has flawlessly assisted with Jerry’s decision making and  this whole QB strategy between Tony and Dak.

It’s been Dak’s job to lose since Tony was medically cleared to play. Dak has lead the team to a stellar 13-2 record with a first round bye, and home field advantage.

Jerry has received the ultimate Return On Investment (ROI) with Dak as the starter. Jerry is impressively, and masterfully dancing around his fan base, and the media with this weekly narrative. Even headed into week 17 as they imply not playing Tony behind a second offensive line unit in fear of him not getting supreme protection in the pocket.

Not playing another game outside of Texas

Don’t get your hopes up to high if you’re that die hard Tony Romo fan this  season. We will only see him in case of an emergency with Dak getting injured. Sanchez will remain the backup QB for garbage time, and non important situations like Philly coming up this week. Once Dak is removed from the game, if and when he is.

Lastly we will likely not see Tony play on our run to Super Bowl 51 in Houston either. Dak has clearly proven he is the new leader of America*s Team. Not even Jerry will risk the expense of inserting Tony in a playoff game should Dak struggle. Because as a business owner, it doesn’t make sense as you grow your business bottom line. Along with the possibility of Tony getting injured and depleting the QB unit heading into next season.

Let’s think like Jerry here Cowboys Nation. It’s not about one player, or member of your business. It’s about the entire business organization and where the results are being met to scale it moving forward long term. Dak gives him all of that and more. Should we expect anything less from Jerry Jones when it comes to business decisions?


Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below Cowboys Nation. Good, bad or indifferent. I look forward to hearing from you. Also be sure to subscribe to our “Legacy Group” blog here to receive all our updates directly into your inbox!

~Old Navy




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