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Chapter one conclusion: “The Legacy Group.”

Two days after America*s Team lost to the Green Bay Packers reality has set in. Our goal of winning a championship this season will be unfulfilled. Reluctant to even write a closing chapter for our season, it was a necessary evil. One that would put to closure to a magical season that not one of us were ready to conclude.

Back in July of 2016 we started our “Legacy Group” together like many Cowboy fans do each year. Proclaiming this was our year to win it all. It even seemed destiny would have its way with Super Bowl 51 being held in Houston.

The coming out party of 2 rookies in Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot, and the culture of winning that was on display through out the regular season.Earning home field advantage in the playoffs, and laying out the road to SB51 would roll through Texas. All the Stars were aligned it seemed.

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The foundation is set

c204ced0-50c2-11e4-a673-65ef888e8179_nfl_a_jones11_600x400In the words of Jimmy Johnson Football is such a team sport, so no one individual does it. No one coach or no one assistant coach or no one player, it’s a great team sport, so I don’t get carried away with a bunch of accolades.” Today both of our rookies were name to the All Rookie Team. Both very deserving of this award. They would however likely tell us that a SB appearance, and win would mean more than any individual award.

One thing is for certain. The Dallas Cowboys culture has shifted, and although it did not produce immediate success during our visit to the playoffs it does leave one to think. Beyond our wildest dreams would any of us here think that our team would have had this much regular season success. Even with Tony Romo not at the helm.

This distraction among the media and our team was a taxing one. Now as we head into the off season in a couple of weeks there will be more headlines over our team. Will he stay, or go? That answer will be revealed later this year.

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The way ahead

The second thing for certain. The future looks bright, however a moral victory here is not what I am alluding to. We have to look for the silver lining in this chapter of our novel with many more to come.

This season will give our team much to build and reflect on. Improvements to make heading into the 2017 season.  Just as our team fell short, we too did with our goal as becoming the first Facebook group to assemble, and win a championship in the same season.

This season was a blessing that will stick with our young core of talent we have to build upon in the coming years. Just as our goal was 10,000 members before the Super Bowl we too fell short. Now looking ahead we have an opportunity to build upon that, and become more experienced and stronger than ever with this setback to reflect upon when faced with adversity.

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Dallas Cowboys

The first legacy Facebook group of it’s kind.

As we move into to chapter two in the coming weeks let’s pause and reflect how good it feels to be a thriving Cowboys Nation again. Our culture and lifestyle of the biggest, and best fan base in the world.

To some this season was a disappointment, and I can whole heatedly see that point of view. In a way yes it was. I will leave you with this thought, and quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

It is who we become along this journey of supporting our team. When it is all said and done it’s about respecting the Star. No matter our indifference’s, cultural backgrounds, philosophies on our team,  or what part of the world we cheer them on from. Collectively becoming a unified voice world wide!



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