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The 2017 Dallas Cowboys Schedule Release Date Revealed?

This week will reveal the Dallas Cowboys schedule for the upcoming 2017 season. Look inside for all the details on which day, and scheduled home-away opponents.

Anticipation grows as soon to be 2017 NFL Schedule will be released

This week there has been much chatter among social media that the official NFL schedule will be released this Thursday on April 20, 2017 during the evening hours.

Searching high and low for clues to ensure the Official America*s Team Legacy Group is prepared for it’s release, here is what we can expect possibly this week. According to Detroit Lions owner Rod Wood, he slipped up at a new uniform press release for the Lions about it’s release.

Twitter along with other social media platforms are buzzing in great anticipation for it’s official release date.

This isn’t exactly much of a surprise however. Last year, the schedule was released on a Thursday at just around the exact same time (April 14 last year; April 20 this year).

Even Michael Rothstein of ESPN tweeted about the possibility of it’s release.

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Thursday could be NFL schedule release date

The importance of the regular season schedule release will be covered in detail in later blog post’s. We will take you into the lifestyle, and culture of Cowboys Fans Clubs across the nation.

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Although it’s only April, we Die Hard Cowboys fans hinge all of their travel plans, ticket buying, and airfare purchasing around the Cowboys season schedule. We just wanted to be the first to clue you in to what social media is alluding to about it’s release.

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In conclusion

Here is a snapshot of the regular season home-away schedule if you’ve yet to see it. It’s highly likely we play the NY Giants the first game of the season again, in New York.

Dallas 2017 Opponents

What’s your thoughts on this season’s scheduled opponents? Can you accurately predict the season win/loss record?

Let us know with a comment below. Get it exactly right, and we will write a story about your prediction!

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