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Dallas Cowboys Draft Analysis

The Dallas Cowboys indicated all along that they would go heavy on Defense in the draft, and they didn’t disappoint.

Here are 10 things I took away from the Dallas Cowboys 2017 Draft

1.)Four of the Seven picks for the Dallas Cowboys went to the defensive side of the ball.

Names like Taco Charlton (DE), Chidobe Awuzie (CB), Jourdan Lewis (CB) and Xavier Woods (S) will make the Dallas brass proud, especially in 2017.

Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli must be dancing in the aisles in Dallas. He finally has some guys to work his magic.

2.) Chidobe Awuzie: In my opinion, Awuzie saved the Dallas Cowboys in the 2017 NFL Draft. I think he will be a starter and keep the rookie class of together for a very long time.

3.) Not taking Kevin King:

Time will tell whether or not the Cowboys will regret taking Taco over T.J. Watt, or even another first-round talent in Kevin King.

I thought the Cowboys were brilliant by being patient, allowing Awuzie to fall to them in the second round and finding some  value by picking up Jourdan Lewis in the third round.

4.) Cowboys Secondary got younger: The oldest corner backs on the Cowboys roster, are Orlando Scandrick and Nolan Carroll, who are both 30 years of age.

Byron Jones is 24. He welcomes in three 21 year old’s in (Awuzie, Woods, Lewis) and one 22-year-old in White.

5.) Cowboys had the best draft of any NFC East team.

For the 2017 draft for the Dallas Cowboys they deserve a B. The Taco Charlton is great, and if he develops into a book end as expected it will be a steal of a pick.

The Cowboys came out of the draft winners. The rest of the teams in the NFC East had some nice picks, but as a whole, I thought the Cowboys took the crown this year.

And let’s not forget, the Cowboys are getting reinforcements from last year’s picks in Jaylon Smith (LB) and Charles Tapper (DE).

6. Is Taco Charlton the new Travis Frederick

When the Cowboys selected Travis Frederick with the 31st pick in 2013, many people cringed but that picked worked out well. He has anchored one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. They played it safe with that pick, as they did with Taco Charlton. Hopefully Taco turns into a gold find.

7.) No Tight Ends Drafted:

For now the Cowboys will go with the Tight Ends they have. They have to have confidence in Rico Gathers Development.

They didn’t select Witten’s eventual replacement when he is in the Hall of Fame. The Cowboys went super defensive, which I believe was the right thing to do.

8.) Missing out on drafting Obi

I thought the Cowboys missed an opportunity in not drafting Obi Melifonwu, the safety out of Connecticut.

Though Obi went 56th overall, four spots before the Cowboys’ 60th pick, I think the Cowboys were winners by not trading up to nab him.

They landed Awuize, who can play slot, safety and corner. So it was a fair trade-off.

9.) Should the Cowboys trade Orlando Scandrick:

Football is a cold business. Look at poor Teddy Bridgwater from the Minnesota Vikings.

CB Orlando Scandrick was on the trading block as per some rumors. He  has been a very productive player apart from last year. He should fit in well with the rookies the Cowboys drafted. But if he doesn’t produce this year it could be his last year in Dallas.

10.) The original number 88( Drew Pearson stole the show at the draft)

Not only did he steal the microphone he stole the show at the draft.

He also put the Eagles fans in their place. The Cowboys who own a 65-20 record all time vs the Eagles showed Philadelphia that the Cowboys still own them. Good Job Drew.


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