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How Randy Gregory’s troubles forced the Cowboys to draft Taco Charlton

By Yusuf Nakhooda

Randy Gregory’s latest drug test, his seventh in the last year made the Cowboys choice to draft Taco Charlton a very easy one.

Gregory’s career is basically over. A promising talent who just had other things on his mind other than football. At least he was consistent, he failed one drug test for every two games he played in the NFL.

If Gregory had worked out, the Cowboys would not have needed to select Taco Charlton in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Randy Gregory’s snowball   effect on the Cowboys has been a mess.

There is nothing but stupid when it comes to the story of Gregory’s NFL “career,” with no allowances for common sense. In the real world when you fail at your job three times, one gets fired. That rule doesn’t apply in the NFL.

Gregory already banned for the 2017 season, failed another test last week. The Cowboys say “they fully support Randy Gregory. But then they said that about Rolando Mcclain and Joseph Randle. The latter who is serving jail time.

The difference is that Randle was a lost cause, and Mcclain was more interested in getting high on that purple drank, instead of making crucial stops on third down.

Lots of people are offering Gregory their prayers, but what he needs is help, which he is not going to receive from the NFL.

NFL commissioner Roger Goddell says he doesn’t want to legalize marijuana, because its addictive. Message to the Commissioner. Isnt alcohol also addictive, as well as painkillers.

The sad fact in the NFL is that, they come down hard on marijuana offenders then wife abuse.


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