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Why every Cowboys fan should absolutely read this book

The true definition of loyalty to the Star.

Many of you have seen her, or heard her, or may even know her. She is absolutely the Dallas Cowboys #1 fan. The most polarizing fan at each and every home game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

In an effort to not give to much away about her “Priceless Dream” book that she has released here is a short video about her featured in the Dallas Morning News.

Grab your copy from Amazon today Cowboys Nation

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About Barry Gipson (51 Articles)
Social media branding coach. Barry leverages his technical knowledge of social media platforms, team building, and leadership attained from his 23 year career in the United States Navy. Founder & Owner of Game Changers LLC, a Social Media Agency. An avid fantasy sports fan who loves blogging about small business social media, emerging sports applications, and the Dallas Cowboys.

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