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Why the Cowboys will absolutely not sign this quarterback

As each day passes there seems to be another article on why the Dallas Cowboys should sign this particular quarterback. Here are 2 reasons why they will not. 

Every chip in a casino has 2 sides. Much like 2 sides to this particular QB’s polarizing story. Similar to the 2 sides on why the Cowboys will not entertain signing him this season as well. 

Regardless of how you feel about this QB personally be it good, bad or indifferent. These 2 reasons are about money, and winning a potential Super Bowl for the Cowboys.  It’s not about politics, what side of the argument (story) you’re on, or simply how you feel about an individual player in the league for any other reason than what they bring to a team in terms of skill. 

The first side of this casino chip

Reason one: The NFL and each team are a business. Anything that would affect their bottom line in terms of revenue negatively is not an option. Most notably the perception he could bring to any franchise by signing him currently, and the polarizing story of this talented QB.

This is the real reason teams will not sign him in my opinion. Money mostly. How the negative press could effect that franchise’s bottom line. Talent also factors in. Looking at his stats you have to ask yourself, can he help any team based on his last seasons stats currently?  

This is why Jerry Jones has built the Dallas Cowboys into the most profitable franchise in the league. Making sound business decisions that render profit. In addition to influencing other teams bottom lines, Jerry is the master at building a brand and a successful business in the NFL. 

The reason why Pete Carroll of the Seahawks brought in Colin in my opinion was to show a public display of interest towards him. Building on Carroll’s philosophy of allowing players to be who they are regardless of off the field behavior or beliefs. With no intention of signing however.

Why you ask? Because the Seahawks have no worthy backup, and if Wilson were to go down to injury they don’t have an insurance policy like the Cowboys do. Who is our insurance policy you ask? 

Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick

“He’s a starter in this league. We have a starter but he’s a starter in this league and I can’t imagine somebody won’t give him a chance to play.” ~ Pete Carroll

Carroll’s quote totally contradicts the whole purpose of Colin visiting Seattle. Just like the Cowboys, the Seahawks have no formidable backup in the event Dak or Russell were to be injured. So to say you’re not willing to take a starter as a backup is perplexing to say the least. Seattle essentially trolled Colin and the league with this move. Stay classy. 

The only way Kap potentially gets signed before kickoff this season is an emergency where a starter is injured. Also if it’s a fit for that team. First the Ravens have passed up on him, and now this update: Jay Cutler is signed by Miami over Colin due to Tannehill injury.  As stated in the article both Tebow and Kaepernick were considered before singing Cutler. So is it because of talent, or bottom line? 

Here is why Dallas would never sign him. 

The Cowboys have a different reason why they will not sign, or attempt to show any interest in Colin. So those of you who continue to write about Colin’s talent, skill set, and second chance opportunity angles on his behalf, please stop wasting your time. It’s not gonna happen unless it’s an urgent need from those other 31 teams, or nah? 

I have developed a conspiracy theory that goes back to the 2016 Cowboys season. One that elaborates on how Jerry Jones is playingThe ultimate hand of Texas Hold’em.” Sleep on Jerry if you want to, dude is a genius. 

Also see: Is Jerry Jones leaving the door open for a Tony Romo return in 2017? (Video)

The other side of this casino chip

Reason two: So you’ve heard that Tony Romo’s locker has not been touched and left alone.  Update: His name has come off,  but the locker is still unoccupied. I seen this first hand on my trip to Dallas to take a tour of “The Star.”

I even talked about this back in may on the Cowboys Podcast. Despite his walking away from the team, and taking a position with CBS this is all part of the master plan of Texas Hold’em that Jerry has up his sleeve playing with this casino chip. 


We didn’t sign any quarterbacks in the draft. Despite the pick up and release of Austin Appleby, and the most recent acquisition off of waivers from the Cardinals Zac Dysert. Update: Zac was let go due to a surgery needed. We recently signed Luke McCown, and Kellen Moore along with Cooper Rush played in the first pre-season game.

Let’s be honest here Cowboys Nation. In the event Dak were to go down via injury neither of those 3 QB’s would assume the helm of America’s Team. Not in our our current quest for a Super Bowl appearance that is. Would you trust this team with our current potential on their shoulders?

Tony Romo has yet to sign “retirement paperwork” with the league, and this leaves the door open for an insurance policy that Jerry has taken out on Dak in the event of an injury that would hurt the Cowboys chances of not winning the division, or making the playoffs this season. On the eve of his Hall Of Fame speech, Jerry he admits his biggest mistake was not getting Tony a Super Bowl win. 

Call me crazy if you want too, and I’m fine with that. The fact remains there’s more to this story than we all know between Jerry and Tony. Despite how you may feel personally about it all, it’s definitely something you don’t want to put past Jerry knowing his affinity towards Tony as if he were his own offspring. 

Now I know you came here to read all about my stance on the Colin Kaepernick issue, but it all boils down to business. Have we not learned that from Jerry yet? I don’t have a stance on it, just sharing why I believe we have not signed him yet. 

In conclusion

This conspiracy theory could all come crashing down in the event Tony signs paperwork this fall, and Dak goes uninjured this season. 

One thing is for sure. Only time will tell. The longer you gamble in the casino the odds are stacked against you to win. That is unless of course you own the casino and all the chips. 

Please let me know your thoughts on my conspiracy below with a comment. Good, bad or indifferent. Thanks. Also be sure to subscribe to our OAT weekly newsletter below today!


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  1. I can see that happening. That explains why Tony has been playing nice with the head coach.jerry jones did say his biggest regret is not getting Romo a Super Bowl.


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