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How Cowboys actually destroy social media in the NFC East

Understanding the role in which social media plays for professional sports it’s time we take a look at the current NFC East social media ranking for the 2017 season.

Where does your NFC team measure up?

There are currently 5 of 32 NFL teams that are dominating the social media space. Let’s take a glance at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and calculate which NFC East team is leading the way as of May 2017.

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Cowboys Football

The Dallas Cowboys NFL football team five Super Bowl trophy sit on display at the Star, the team’s training facility and headquarters, Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, in Frisco, Texas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

Measuring three platforms most commonly used by NFL teams

According to Statista in an article published this April, Facebook is the clear giant with Twitter, and Instagram following suit down the chart. With Facebook having been around the longest, and also owning Instagram it’s no wonder Twitter comes in last as a dying breed.

One can easily draw the comparison that the older you are the more likely you’re to be on Facebook. For those younger in age tend to utilize Twitter, and Instagram.

Here is a infographic published in 2015 byย Spriklrย to give us a reference point, and that our followers were not a result of our breakout season with rookies Dak and Zeke. We all know our haters like to claim we are bandwagons.

Sprinlkr Followers

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Current NFC East social media rankings as of May 2017

Be sure to follow OAT on Facebook.


Be sure to follow OAT on Instagram.


Be sure to Follow Dallas Cowboys on Twitter

NFC East Twitter

In conclusion

Not only did we win the Division in great fashion last year despite 2 losses to the Giants, we are clearly destroying the rest of the NFC East in the social media rankings. Yet again proving that the Dallas Cowboys are loyal true and through. Poor Redskins continue to stay in the basement.

Understanding the power of social media is an essential part of branding in business. The social media coach in me wanted to share this with our group to display the power our fan base currently has.

After all, our group was founded on Facebook and is a central gathering place for all of us to share our love for our beloved Cowboys.

Please share this with all your NFC East rivals and let them know this summer who this big dog is, and will always be on social media.

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