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How to play fantasy football for OAT beginners this year

So you’re thinking about playing fantasy football for the first time and not sure where to start. No worries we have you covered here at OAT.

We are in prime preparation season for the upcoming fantasy football year. Those who play are doing their homework on how to draft, and target the best players for the best production.

For you however just understanding the whole concept maybe a challenge. That’s why I want to invite first time players to take a FREE 45 minute course I designed on Udemy. This is a very basic overview of the game and how to play.

This course has helped over 800 brand new players like yourself in 91 countries get started. Many of our members play fantasy football in our group, and this year you can get in on the action also!

How to get started

So simple, just click on the image below and it will take you to the landing page where all you have to do is enter your email address to get started. That simple! No commitment required, and it’s FREE!

Click here for the beginner FREE course.Β 


As a bonus I have also created this draft day preparation and strategy course to help you understand how to prepare and draft like a pro this season.

Click here for the advanced FREE course.


Take your game to the next level with my very own personal counselor on fantasy football

If you’re like me you love a great podcast that provides great value for FREE. I want to introduce you to someone I have been following for a few years that is an absolute beast at what he does.

Click here to follow him on Instagram.


He is dominating the fantasy industry with his podcast on iTunes for Apple users and Stitcher for Android users. So be sure to subscribe today and really step your game up for this season.

The Counselor was personally invited by Andy AlberthΒ (The NFFC CEO) to the Tony Romo NFFC (National Fantasy Football Convention) in Dallas this July to conduct workshops, and draft with industry experts for the upcoming season.

We currently have an OAT group event created for members like you who would love to attend. Click here for details.

In conclusion

So if you’re a beginner this year, looking to refresh your skills, or a seasoned veteran at fantasy football all these are great resources we provide to our members here at OAT.

Fantasy Football can be a great way for our members to interact and form long lasting relationships. This is the main purpose of our group. To unite Cowboys fans across the globe and enjoy watching and sharing our experiences with the Dallas Cowboys year round.

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