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10 reasons that actually determine if you’re a Diehard Cowboys fan

OAT 10 Reasons Cowboys Fans

First things first. Are you a True Blue Dallas Cowboys Fan? 

Are you sure?

As a sports writer, yes I have to keep it subjective when I write about the Dallas Cowboys. But yes I am one of the biggest Dallas Cowboys fans in the world.

I cried when Dwight Clark made “The Catch” in the 1982 NFC Championship Game in San Francisco.  But how do you know if you are a true Dallas Cowboys Fan?

Here are 10 things to consider being a Cowboys fan

You are a true Cowboys fan when;

1.) You spell “them with a D.

As in, “Dem Boyz” or “How ‘bout dem Cowboys.” That is the correct spelling in the unspoken Cowboys dictionary. My English Professor in University would be appalled.
2.) You and every other Dallas Cowboys fan know that #Dezcaughtit.
You’re still not over the 2015 NFC divisional game against the Packers. Because of that, you still don’t know what a “football move” is. All you know is that Dez caught it, plain and simple.
3.) You represent your Cowboys all day everyday. Doesn’t matter whether they win or lose you are there for the team. Even in the off-season. What’s a offseason? Cowboys fans don’t have one. Unlike other teams you are on social media constantly engaging Cowboys fans.
4.) You love Dak Prescott but will defend Tony Romo forever.
Yes, Dak Prescott is amazing, and the future of the Cowboys and all those great things. But come on. Tony Romo is a good dude, and he deserves all kinds of respect.
5.) If you could travel back to another decade it would be the 90’s
The food was bad, the music even worse but damn those Cowboys were dominant. Super Bowl Champions in 1992, 1993, and 1995. And if Uncle Jerry didn’t have a huge ego Jimmy Johnson could have won a few more, and the Cowboys would have owned the decade.
6.) You always cheer against the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles. Especially the last two. And you even have special nicknames. I can’t mention those as they have obscenities.
7.) You prioritize your O-line in Madden.
There’s a debate over whether or not having a good offensive line on the Madden NFL game even matters, but Cowboys fans know a good o-line is everything. That’s what the Cowboys are built on.
8.) You buy Pizza on Game Day at Papa John’s.
When you wear your Cowboys Jersey you get 10% off at Papa John’s. It shouldn’t be any other way and they are a sponsor of the Cowboys.
9.) Jerry’s World
Our stadium in Arlington, TX goes by many names… AT&T Stadium, The house that Jerry Built, and so on, but for a true Cowboys fan it’s the home for “America*s Team” till the end of time.
10.) The Triplets
In the 1990’s those were the bread and butter on Offense. Troy, Emmitt, and Michael. When games were close those three just shut the door with that huge offensive line known as the Great Wall of Dallas, although the new version of Dak, Ezekiel, and Dez are starting something special too.
So there you have it. 
What are your thoughts on these 10 reasons? Leave us a comment below, and share your 10 reasons! 


About cowboysfourlife (9 Articles)
I am a die hard cowboys fan. Been born a cowboys fan. I rep the cowboys all day and everyday. Very active on Social media. Love discussing cowboys football in the many groups i am involved with and meeting our greatest fans at games and events.

3 Comments on 10 reasons that actually determine if you’re a Diehard Cowboys fan

  1. Natasha pearson // June 28, 2017 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    Yep…I have clearly grown from fan to a DIEHARD COWBOYS FANATIC. There is NO OTHR TEAM.


  2. I actually had my ex leave me because she said she couldn’t and wouldn’t compete with the Dallas cowboys!…..And I don’t even miss her!


  3. This list is great and definitely applies to me. Our Cowboys are reason why Pepsi is only soda in my house from previous sponsorship, Miller Lite is “my beer” and whos my cell carrier ? Yep AT&T !! Oh and I drive a Ford hit just a few sponsors 🙂


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