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How to avoid the Cowboys Media Trap without losing faith

Dallas Cowboys Media Trap

Heavy is the head that wears “The Star”

As Dallas Cowboys fans, we are used to ridicule, insults and overall disdain for our team and even us as fans. I call it jealousy. Sure, that may sound childish, but jealousy is basically being upset or critical at someone because they have something you want right?

Not to mention, if America’s Team was as inept as they make us out to be, why would they even care how well Dallas may or may not be playing? I’ll tell you why: Because they DO care.

Super Bowl XXX:  Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys arguably have the largest fan base in the NFL, be it on social media or just around the globe. As is the case with every fan base, we have our homers, band-wagoners, fly-by-night fans, etc., but because we have SO MANY FANS, it feels like the microscope is much closer to us.

The sheer size of our fan base makes it so easy to bash the Cowboys, but it’s our past that haunts the haters. We remember the glory days, but so do they…

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NFL Films Americas Team

Why America’s team remains in the spotlight both good and bad

The old glory days of the 70’s were upgraded by the dominance of the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys, and by the end of that time, most NFL fans seemed to turn on America’s Team a bit. In the same breath, a person could tell you how ridiculous that run Emmitt made was, then say how sick they are of seeing it.

It’s simple math really. If your team didn’t have at least 3 Lombardi Trophies during the early 90’s, chances are, you hated the teams that did. ESPECIALLY our team whom had 5 at the time. America’s Team. The Dallas Cowboys.


Over the last decade or so, Dallas has had their fair share of “Work-in-progress” players, or players with great physical abilities, but questionable off-the-field habits, but so have A LOT of other teams. So why does it seem like Dallas players are always the ones being smeared in the press after an arrest of ANY kind? Well, because they are. Because it sells papers, gets likes and re-shares. And unfortunately, some of our fan base buys into it.

Arrest as of 2016

Zeke Elliott is the latest example of the witch hunt. He was merely AT the nightclub where a fight broke out, and as soon as possible, headlines read “Zeke Elliott at fight in Night Club”. This is how desperate the punkarazzi and media outlets are.

Ezekiel Elliott,

If it has ANYTHING to do with the Cowboys, it goes to print. It’s easy for the untrained fan to get sucked in to the constant barrage of Cowboy-bashing articles, Facebook articles and groups, and all the other fan bases whom take up so much of their precious time and energy expressing their dislike for our beloved Cowboys.

You really should be giggling a bit at it. It’s flattering to say the least. Why shouldn’t you buy into the hype? Why shouldn’t you lose faith? Because, wait for it…

IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER! That’s right brothers and sisters of OAT and Cowboys Nation, like the old chant of the classic movie “Meatballs” says, it just doesn’t matter. If you have been a fan since day 1, you should be used to ALL of this by now. It comes with being America’s Team.

it just doesn't matter

In conclusion

I am merely here, as a 44-year fan, to remind you that you should be flattered…giddy…proud even. These folks spend so much time making memes about our team, writing ridiculous articles full of slander and false accusations and disguising themselves as Cowboys fans to infiltrate Cowboys Fan Pages on Facebook that they might as well just call themselves Cowboys fans.

My Rule? Unless I hear Jerry, Stephen, Jason, Rich, Mickey, Babe or any of the Cowboys’ trustworthy sources bring it up, I treat like junk mail. It’s SPAM.

It’s made to engage a reader and garner hits/sales/likes and everything in between. Just avoid it, or at the very least, research it before you go crazy about it because in the end, there’s nothing we can do as fans anyway.

We roll with the changes, and so does the team. We keep the faith while the other merely hope to get the attention the Cowboys get.

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4 Comments on How to avoid the Cowboys Media Trap without losing faith

  1. Angel Burgos-Baerga // July 18, 2017 at 10:03 am // Reply

    Great article bro. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆ Go Cowboys!!!


  2. Angel V Ortiz Cruz // July 18, 2017 at 11:34 am // Reply

    Loud and clear, well expressed article. Thank you for taking the time to write and let everyone know what Cowboys fans love for the team is all about. We are proud of or team.


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