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How to actually meet this Cowboy for the first time in Oxnard

Charles Tapper Meet Charles Tapper before the start of training camp this season in Oxnard, CA courtesy of 805 Stars Chapter (SCDCFC)

The Dallas Cowboys organization, and fanbase are getting ready for the start of training camp in Oxnard, CA next week. Each year a multitude of fans show up to support America’s Team. After last years breakout season, and the potential for this years to be even better the hype is increasingly growing.

One particular group of fans, and nationally recognized fan club is bringing you the opportunity to meet Defensive End, #99 Charles Tapper. Watch this short video for a brief story on his journey to the Dallas Cowboys, from Maryland via Oklahoma University Sooners.

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Details on how, and where to meet Charles Tapper

Luis Garcia is well known among many Cowboys circles. As the CEO of SCDCFC, he and his team are vigorously working around the clock to bring the best fan experiences to their various chapters, and it’s collective members throughout the nation.

I caught up with Luis briefly on the phone today, and I wanted to get some key details about this event so you can know how to meet Charles before camp.

On July 30th for a limited time only from 0830-0930 Charles will be autographing items (1 per person) at Sierra Linda Park 1040 Indigo Pl, Oxnard, CA 93036.

Luis said to get there bright an early as Charles is very eager to meet with true Die Hard Cowboys fans before the start of camp. In addition to this event SCDFCC will be hosting a joint function with many other clubs and organizations. See flyer here for details.

SCDCFC 805 Stars Trainin Camp Flier

In conclusion

This years training camp will likely have the best turnout it has had in years. Partly due to last season’s success. The major reason is the love our fan base has for our team. Especially those leaders like Luis and SCDCFC. 

Coordinating an orchestrated effort like this take planning, patience, and timing. Now all who attend can benefit this season. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more stories and events like this, this season. Be sure to subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter to be the first to know today!

Charles Tapper SCDCFC

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Leave us a comment below if you plan on attending Training Camp in Oxnard!




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4 Comments on How to actually meet this Cowboy for the first time in Oxnard

  1. Manuel corona // July 21, 2017 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    I will be out there for the whole first week with the Hard HITTAHZ I’m also a hard Hittah and hope to meet TAPPER as well Go COWBOYS!!!! DC4L!!!!


  2. Christina&Dino Garcia // July 22, 2017 at 7:15 am // Reply

    Oxnard 805 is my backyard I’ll be out everyday if possible I try every year not part of any of the clubs but have attended a few of the SCDCFC events love Sage.


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