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How this 1 Cowboy can actually turn the tables in our favor with “Focus”

Dak Prescott OAT

As I sat in my car Thursday watching this documentary produced by the Dallas Cowboys I was literally in tears. At the same time I felt inspired, and a renewed sense of hope this upcoming season. If you haven’t seen it yet watch this special, “A Family Reunion.”

It’s Friday 1:14 AM PST as I type this, and I wanted to share with each of you how I’m feeling.

Every great story has it’s ups and downs. It’s adversities, and it’s successes. Much like the aforementioned “Dakumentary” our franchise and fanbase has experienced this. After the 2016 season there was a glimmer of hope heading into the playoffs. Only to fall short yet again. There is that potential word “Adversity” again.

Such is life we have to take the good with the bad, and keep it moving. Like the recent off field attention a few of our players have garnered in every media outlet in the world. As my OAT brother Bob Reilly would say, “The Cowboys Media Trap.”

Chalk that up to more potential “Adversity” again.

Dak Prescott Adversity 1 Cowboy

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Adversity can create polarizing leaders to overcome it

Once you watch the “Dakumentary all of this will make sense. For the most part we all knew the story on how Dak made it to the NFL. His journey from Haughton, LA, losing his mother Peggy to cancer, to leading Mississippi State to the #1 ranked college team, and most recently blazing off 13 wins in a row with America’s Team last season.

Facing his “Adversity” head on propelled him, and prepared him for those levels of success. We both know Peggy wouldn’t stand for him to just sit idle. He had to keep progressing and “Get better each day,” as Dak likes to say.

Just when we thought Dak could bear no more, he carries the weight of the biggest NFL fan base in the world. With much higher expectations this season, and more daunting challenges lying ahead. Both on, and off the field. It’s time to for the leader of this team “Focus.”

But to him as a leader, this comes naturally in the way he handles things. The fact Jason Witten has bought into Dak personally last season will also be an extreme assist for supporting Dak in getting the team focused.

“Dak’s earned that what he did as a rookie. But he understands that you have to go back at it and establish it again. A guy in his second year has to do that, That’s what I have to do in my 15th year. He’s our quarterback and he’s earned that. His voice has to be heard. As he moves forward, he’ll be more comfortable with that. I can’t say enough good things about how he’s gone about it so far.” ~Jason Witten

This is why I firmly believe in training camp Dak will recommit our team, and “Focus” them in the collective direction it needs to head. Turning all the historical “Adversity” of this team into our favor.

Dak Prescott Heavy Helmet Star

Why this season will be more intense, and examined with a much tighter microscope than ever

During my years of serving in the Navy I often referred to an old saying, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” In short, the leader endures the pain of that position while leading a team. It comes at a cost, that Dak can afford because of his humbleness. Many people want to lead, but only few can bear what it brings mentally and emotionally as a result.

In Cowboys terms I’ve adopted it to say, “Heavy is the helmet that wears the Star.” Tying it to the Cowboys organization, and each of it’s players. Also to every fan like you and I who loves our team dearly.

However, Dak’s Star is currently the heaviest of them all.

It’s imperative that we as fans must sniff out the bullshit when it comes to the media. The recent explosion in media over the alleged Zeke bar fight is only the beginning to what this season will bring in terms of every media site reporting on the Cowboys. On every little thing they can to garner a distraction from our collective focus.

Especially the report of Dez Bryant showing up late to a work out. I mean damn, can we breathe? No. Heavy is the helmet……..

Dr Dak Prescott

He who stops learning, stops growing

Dak who is 23, earned a bachelor’s degree in educational psychology in December 2014 and finished his master’s degree in workforce leadership a year later, in December 2015. Have you ever wondered why last season he received “buy in” from senior veterans, and other leaders on the defensive side of the ball in Sean Lee, and Orlando Scandrick?

He get’s people, and knows how to get the best out of them. Take his college degrees for instance. Psychology and leadership. A very physically talented athlete, with the mental toughness and fabric to sew all this adversity up into a championship run in 2017.

Are you surprised he plans to earn his doctorate now? Dr. Dak has a ring to it. Doesn’t it? Leaders are made, contrary to the popular belief that they are born.

Don’t take it from me however read what Steve Young had this to say about Dak’s rookie performance in 2016.

“I’ve been around pro football for over 30 years … I’m used to excellence, used to seeing the best. There’s a couple of times you see something defying your eyes … I got to say from watching Dak Prescott today, it defies my eyes that a rookie can do this. Rookies can’t do this. It’s impossible.”

What about 3 time Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman and his thoughts?

“You run out of superlatives when it comes to how well (Dak) has played. And how about this Cowboys team? You’ve got Dak Prescott, Zeke Elliott and all these offensive linemen who are locked up until 2021. It sure looks like the Dallas Cowboys are going to be around for a long time.”

Dak Prescott Troy Aikman

In conclusion

As it well over 2am PST now and finishing my coffee I wanted to share this with all of you. Regardless of all the “Adversity” we have faced together we must keep hope alive. As the Cowboys touchdown in Oxnard this weekend, they too are challenged with figuring out how to focus on the goal at improving upon last season.

With Dak as the team’s leader on the field, he is clearly built for for this arena. So now take about 40 minutes and watch this “Dakumentary” the Cowboys released days ago. I must warn you however you will need some tissue.

Oh yeah. One thing about them tables…. They always turn.

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