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Another opening for Elliott? Doctor refutes NFL metadata, photo evidence

Ezekiel Elliott is set for a legal fight with the NFL over a six-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Jared L. Christopher

Recent testimony in Ezekiel Elliott’s fight against his NFL suspension could shed some light on his accuser’s claims.

The NFL reportedly based its case to suspend the Dallas Cowboys running back for six games for violating the personal conduct policy on metadata and photographic evidence retrieved from Elliott’s former girlfriend’s phone.

Per the NFL, the metadata from Tiffany Thompson’s phone showed the dates of her domestic violence claims involving Elliott based on photos she sent to friends and family members.

The photos reportedly were viewed by doctors who said the bruising occurred during the same time she was with Elliott, proving no one else could have done it, the NFL said.

That evidence and analysis were challenged during Elliott’s appeal hearing last week in New York by a doctor who said there was no scientific way to determine the age of bruising from a review of photographs.

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This gives Elliott’s defense team the hope of a reduction or perhaps complete dismissal of Elliott’s suspension by arbitrator Harold Henderson when he makes his decision, possibly Tuesday.

It’s also an area that Elliott’s defense will exploit in a lawsuit that he filed in federal court last Thursday. A hearing is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday in Sherman regarding a temporary injunction to block Elliott’s suspension until the case is decided in court.

Per transcripts from the appeals hearing, Dr. Michael Graham, who was introduced by Elliott’s defense team, was asked:

“Do you believe within a reasonable degree of medical certainty that it is reliable to age bruising based on photographs that were provided to you in this case?”

Graham responded: “No.”

Asked: “There’s no way that you or any other qualified expert can look at these photographs and age these bruises with any reasonable degree of medical certainty as to, A, when they occurred, whether it was weeks or days or an hour, and if they even occurred on the same time, things of that nature; would that be a fair statement?”

Graham responded: “Yes.”

Do you feel this will help Zeke clear his name, and win his case potentially? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. 

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