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This is the potential conspiracy theory you need to know about now

The good news for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is that Judge Amos L. Mazzant III issued on Friday September 8th blocking Elliott’s suspension pending the outcome of the litigation filed by Elliott in Texas. The bad news is that there is a potential conspiracy theory developing as the league on Monday filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, according to ESPN.



Who Judge Mazzant actually is and why we need to know

So who is Judge Mazzant? For starters, he may not be a Cowboys fan. In fact, there’s a chance he’s the opposite.

Mazzant grew up in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, a town nestled 40 miles to the northwest of Pittsburgh.

Born in 1965, Mazzant came of age during the Steelers dynasty of the 1970s. Unless he was a contrarian who opted not to become a Steelers fan because everyone else around him was shoving him in that direction (a certain 1965-born blogger who grew up 60 miles to the southwest of Pittsburgh can relate), Judge Mazzant at some layer of his epidermis bleeds black and gold.

Which means that, at some layer of his heart, he possibly hates the team from Texas that faced the Steelers in Super Bowl X and XIII — and that competed directly with the Steelers for the perception of football supremacy in that era.

Judge Mazzant got an undergraduate degree from Pitt, before a scholarship took him to Baylor for law school and kept him ever since then in Texas. So maybe he’s developed an affinity for the Cowboys over the last three decades. Or maybe proximity has made his disdain for them even greater.

The reason the NFLPA filed first in Texas, and not in New York

We have seen it time and time again that in America justice can be bought in the legal system. We have also seen that your net worth is often times your network.

When the NFLPA took immediate action by filing in Texas, this gave home field advantage to Zeke’s legal team.  This statement was released after Judge Mazzant announced his ruling. 

With that ruling Zeke can potentially play all season, and based on Mazzant’s statement the case will likely stay in Texas. Unless of course the power of the NFL dollar and connections will overturn it with their appeal. Sending the case elsewhere.

The injunction likely means Elliott will be allowed to play this season, but the NFL could ask for an expedited hearing of the appeal. The difference between “Deflate Gate” and this case is that Tom Brady eventually folded and took his suspension. Elliott and his team will fight to the end however. Be it good, or bad.

But does he have more to lose, or win as this distraction drags on?

By the way, Judge Mazzant presides in Sherman, TX. Just a little over 50 Miles from From Frisco, TX. The home and headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys organization. 

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Jerry & Zeke

How Jerry Jones network will impact Zeke’s case without saying one word

Jerry Jones has been completely silent about this case, and for good reason. Now we can begin to see why. Not only did he believe that Zeke would be exonerated before the NFL ruling, he seen the play before we did. This is shaping up to see how much NFL power and influence Jerry actually has.

“I have been very careful and uncharacteristically pretty silent in commenting on how the pact or the strategy of the Players Association, Zeke, our own,” Jones said. “I’m not going to get into it because it’s probably still being deliberated right now. I will say this, though, that I think that Zeke’s team is very competent. I’ve said that, but I think they’re showing that as they work through this thing. Hopefully, Zeke, the Cowboys will benefit from this.”

 The potential conspiracy theory developing

Should Ezekiel Elliott win his case, and fully be exonerated the narrative will be Jerry Jones paid off Judge Mazzant. Benefitting from his local connections to the Frisco area. Even more so could the two have some type of business, legal, previous court case connection history in the Dallas area not discovered just yet?

That is however only if the NFL unsuccessfully can get it overturned with their appeal, and have the case heard in New York where the NFL operates. Home field advantage for the NFL.

The other side of the coin. Would Judge Mazzant stick to his roots as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and punt this case to New York where the NFL could have it’s way with both Jerry and Ezekiel? This is a developing story which will reveal more clues in the coming days.

Despite the direction it goes, we have to be certain there are underlying and overlooked connections here to this all. Allowing us all to wonder. What if? 

Possibly another reason why Jerry has not commented on the matter publicly. By doing so the media will open pandora’s box to what is not currently seen by all of us watching this unfold. Only time will tell how this all plays out.

In conclusion

What makes matters worse is the Cowboys handed the Giants a 19-3 loss last night on Sunday Night Football. Which Lisa Friel is a rabid fan of the Giants, who is also the NFL Special Counsel for Investigations on this case. Hmmmmmmm.

Oh by the way, remember the guy who admitted to beating his wife and only received a one game suspension from the Giants? Yes, Josh Brown. Just 2 days ago the NFL came back out and also gave him a 6 game suspension. Based on “new information” they recently discovered. Funny thing is, he is not currently on any NFL team. 

At this point there are too many angles to narrow down how this conspiracy may turn as of September 11th.

A day we shall never forget in historical sense in this country.

Stay tuned and subscribe for updates as this develops. 

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