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How to play “Good cop, Bad cop” with social media and professional sports

Ezekiel Elliott, Donald Trump, Roger Goodell, NFL

Donald Trump is now attacking the NFL, and it’s players as the “Bad cop.” Exactly what Roger Goodell needs to drive the attention away from his orchestrated conspiracy against Ezekiel Elliott, and his league ratings and be seen as the “Good cop.”

Don’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe. 

Donald Trump, NFL, Roger Goodell

Why Twitter has been ablaze in the last 24 hours

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell slammed Trump in a statement Saturday morning, calling the President “divisive” for remarks he made at a rally in Alabama Friday night, while one of the most famous athletes in the world, LeBron James, called Trump a “bum” for a Saturday morning tweet aimed at the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry.

Trump responded to the criticism later Saturday in a series of tweets.

An all out assault has been initiated by the POTUS on athletes in professional sports. Get your popcorn ready for the fireworks folks. It’s about to go down during week 3 of the NFL.

Goodell Nuclear

How the POTUS distraction shields Commissioner contract completion

Let’s look at the statement released by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell today amidst all the buzz about what the POTUS had to say. Notice how he does not point directly to Trump?

NFL Commissioner Statement to POTUS

Media distractions are commonly used to draw attention away from the more important issue at hand. This is the perfect distraction for Goodell, currently viewed as the “Bad cop” to get out of the spotlight.

I’m not buying it however. It’s exactly why I created a petition to Fire his ass here. Even if his contract is approved. Once Zeke exposes the league in court it’s game over for Roger and his cronies. 

Despite his desperate attempt to now publicly side with those players who have been actively protesting the National Anthem for social issues dominating this country behind police brutality. Especially against African Americans. 

He is now trolling the entire NFL fan base by shifting the focus to the POTUS in lieu of his contract extension according to ESPN days ago. Did we forget that the NFL now pays taxes as of 2015?

So yes I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this is connected in a concerted effort to jolt the NFL cash machine back into overdrive. Benefitting both the Commissioner, his team owners, and the very government we also pay taxes to.

 OAT, Ezekiel Elliott, Roger Goodell

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How does all of this connect and why? 

The NFL is currently in a decline with popularity, attendance, and TV ratings. During the past month the overall stock market is up more than 2% but shares of companies that broadcast NFL games–Comcast, Walt Disney, Fox, CBS–are all down between 1% to 8% according to Forbes. That is directly reflective to the current state of the sport through it’s social and legal issues.

Let’s look at it from this vantage point. If you and your business constituent had a vested interest in the outcome of how profitable that business was, wouldn’t you call on them for support if needed? 

What better way than to play the roles of “Good cop, Bad cop.” To create a media distraction big enough to capture the attention of those asleep at the wheel to take sides, and duke it out on social media. All the while on October 2nd oral hearings begin on the Ezekiel Elliott case in the 5th Circuit court. 

As a result driving the discussion away from all the inconsistencies of a crooked organization, and making it about a social injustice issue between those who agree and disagree on the matter collectively. 

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