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Are you actually this type of social media Cowboys fan?

Growing up for most of us we often heard the phrase, "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." Well when it comes to Cowboys fans and social media it's a different story. There is a new breed of fan being exposed inside OAT.

Since 2016 OAT has been adding Cowboys fans around the globe. One thing is certain however. Not all fans are built the same, and for some, their loyalty must be questioned. When we're winning everyone is as happy as can be, but when the losses come the finger-pointing begins and here comes the "Fickle Social Media Fans."

"Fickle Fans."
adjective: fickle; comparative adjective: fickler; superlative adjective: ficklest
  1. changing frequently, especially as regards one's loyalties, interests, or affection.
    "Web patrons are a notoriously fickle lot, bouncing from one site to another on a whim"

Cowboys Social Media Fans

The Tony Romo & Dak Prescott divide is still real on social media

Last season I witnessed the greatest divide ever among our fan base when Dak Prescott was thrusted into starting, and began winning games. It was so visible among our group I felt compelled to share my thoughts on the issue.

Here we are in 2017 and as Tony is enjoying his broadcasting career receiving high praise Cowboys fans are still divided.  Still upset at the fact that Romo was let go do to Dak’s rookie performance.

The fact you can’t get over who our starting quarterback is shows how “Fickle” you are when it comes to being loyal to the Star, and not a player.

Fans who thought Jerry Jones and team protested the Anthem are down right silly

On Monday Night Football the Dallas Cowboys showed unity, and set the standard for other NFL teams on how our current social issues should be handled prior to games commencing. 

No, they did not protest the flag. They stood during the National Anthem in locked arms showing unity. We truly have to do better Cowboys fans. 

To the fans who are burning their swag, you were never loyal to begin with 

Let’s examine the definition of Loyalty;

The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Not only with our Cowboys fan base, but there have been many post’s Ive seen with fans burning their swag over the whole NFL protest’s. Do us a favor please, get over yourselves. Like I said in the video, if you want to burn your swag send me a direct message here, and I will pay for the shipping. There are plenty of homeless people in America who could use free clothing.

On the brighter side, we do have some comedians among our base, and pretty funny fans who can actually laugh at our indifferences, and accept them from what they are. 

Just watch Ruben Silva here, and his demonstration. This simply gives me hope for our fan base through it all. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face Ruben. 

In conclusion 

This is a message to all “Fickle Fans” out there among OAT. Your fickleness will no longer be tolerated. You either riding with us, or you’re taking that nonsense elsewhere on Facebook.

No longer will we congregate among those not built for this season. Our team deserves our undivided loyalty on every level. Win, lose, or tie, Cowboys fans till we die!

For those who where built for this, “Heavy is the helmet that wears the Star.” We must carry the load together, and give our team strength, and not strife!

Dak Prescott Heavy Helmet Star

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Die Hard True Blue Dallas Cowboys fan on a mission to connect our fan base globally through social media. Sharing stories about fans inspired me to take on the journey of creating the first ever fan website. Built by fans for fans. Official America*s Team!

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