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How do the players actually feel about all of this? Will we ever know?

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On Wednesday Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones held a meeting with players about the current elephant in the room. How to handle as a unit the media attention this team is getting behind it all while protecting the “America’s Team” brand.

Is that what’s really at stake here?

One thing is that we have yet to hear are how the actual players feel about it all.

Or will we ever know?

“It went well,” Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said of the of the meeting, while attending a promotional event later Wednesday. “I mean we ironed out everything that we needed to at this time.”

I highly doubt Dak would ever go against the grain here. So is this just the status quo?

Since Sunday, Jones has been outspoken regarding his stance that players must “not disrespect the flag” and that they must stand for the anthem or they will be benched.

Speaking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday, Jones said the players could express themselves prior to the national anthem in a similar manner to how the team handled things before their game at Arizona. Prior to the playing of the anthem at that contest, players stood arm in arm with Jones, other front-office executives, coaches and staff and took a knee. During the anthem, they stood arm in arm.

We know what the parameters are here with Jones, but have the players totally bought in with 100% loyalty?

As an optimist I firmly believe there are 3 sides to this story. Jerry’s, the mainstream media’s, and the players themselves. I’m interested in knowing how our players truly feel about it all.

Aren’t you?

Let’s face it however. I doubt any player on this team will make any public statements about it all in fear of reprisal from Jones, and the organization.

Am I going out on a limb here or do you feel the same?

This tweet by Dez maybe as close as we get to their true feelings. 

Other than Dez, all other players have been absolutely quiet on the matter to this point with social media and mainstream media. Even before the uproar after the Cowboys shocked the world on MNF.

Is it a coincidence, or is it that our team is that loyal to each other?

Maybe the fear of not “being that guy” in the locker room is weighing too heavy upon them all to take action.

So the question remains. Will we ever know how the players actually feel about it all?

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Oh and by the way, we even had a starter abruptly retire yesterday at the age of 29, Stephen Paea.

Coincidence? Or will we see more attrition from our team moving forward to avoid becoming tangled with this sensitive media grabbing issue?

You be the judge. 

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