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Astonishing stat actually shared now after WK 7 blowout victory over Niners

Dez Bryant, Bob Hayes

Our Cowboys finally got the blowout victory that has avoided us all season. After back-to-back losses heading into our bye week, the team needed this in the worst way to start the second half of their season.

Facing a winless San Francisco 49ers team may not tell a team much about their future, but for this game, it was just what the doctor ordered. The Cowboys were hot from the get-go, and steamrolled the 49ers to the tune of 40-10.

During the course of this victory however one particular stat is now shared from a current, and historical Cowboy of the past you need to know about.

The current Cowboy is Dez Bryant, and here he is making this TD grab with the “Toe Tap”

Bryant finished with seven receptions for 63 yards on the afternoon. His four receiving touchdowns on the season currently lead the team. Bryant snagged the 71st touchdown of his career on Sunday, tying legendary Cowboy “Bullet” Bob Hayes for the team’s all-time mark in receiving touchdowns.

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Meet Bob “Bullet” Hayes the historical Cowboy who now shares his record with Dez Bryant

Bob “Bullet” hayes is the only NFL player to ever win a Gold Medal, and a Super Bowl. Also voted the 2nd fastest player of all time in the NFL. Get your learn on Cowboys fans!

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