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How will Tony Romo actually feel announcing game in Dallas for the first time?

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For the first time since his exit from the NFL, Tony Romo returns to Dallas to announce his first Cowboys game as a CBS color commentator. He has quickly impressed fans and colleagues alike as he injects his knowledge of the game. What will be going through his mind leading up to, and during the game?

Many are interested to see how critical he’ll be of his former teammates and coaches.

In a recent article posted by Jon Machota here is what he Dez Bryant had to say.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with it because that’s his job,” Bryant said. “He’s going to give it to you from his point of view. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Dez on Tony

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What can we expect from Tony Romo against the red hot Chiefs?

I look forward to everything critical he has to say about our team currently. I believe it’s exactly what some of our players actually need who could level up on their in game play.

Especially our secondary defensive side of the ball. With news breaking that the New York Judge ruled on Zeke’s case last night overturning his appeal, means we will likely not see Zeke on the field for this game. 

But do you think Romo will step lightly as to not expose his former team, and our defensive deficiencies out of respect for owner Jerry Jones? 

Here is what Charles Curtis from USA Today reported when asking Tony this delicate area of his new career. 

The first two games I did, actually some of my bosses there at CBS told me, “You know, we don’t need to be quite that harsh.”

So I think that part of it I probably have to find a fine line, because the standard for playing this game is just — it’s high. And to win and win a championship or to get there, I never got a chance to obtain that.

And that’s something that I’ll always regret. But at the same time I understand what it takes to like be kind of good and get yourself in position to make the playoffs is hard, then to win games there. And to do it like how Tom Brady does is astronomical. Doesn’t compute to most of the players because you’re trying to win one.

And so the standard to get to those levels are just — that’s the standard. It’s those players. The Tom Bradys, the Peyton Mannings. That’s what you’re evaluating. And now I have to understand that and come back to that and know that there’s certain things that are easier for some others and just talk about it.

In conclusion

Over the years of cheering on our team with Tony leading the charge we experienced an emotional roller coaster of emotions for sure. Now more than ever fans are actually starting to see inside of the mind of this fragile player who practically would give his own life for his team. Dubbing him the “Romo-Stradamus” calling plays before they happen in game to a T.

One can only be happy for his newfound success as a CBS commentator. Even those who hated on him from our very own fan base over the years are cheering him on. He has been a class act on the microphone to date and this game will be a magnificent one for sure. 

Only Tony himself will experience the emotion of coming home to announce his first Cowboys game. Hopefully he will share some of that emotion for is die hard fans who rode with him through it all.

Be sure to tune in on CBS for this nationally televised game this Sunday at AT&T Stadium at 1:25 EST. 

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