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Is Deion Sanders that sensitive, or did Tony Romo tell the truth?

Deion Sanders, Tony Romo, NFL, NFL Network Are these 2 accomplished Dallas Cowboys turned network figure heads about to create a firestorm?

Deion Sanders didn’t take kindly to what Tony Romo said.

In his first broadcast of a Dallas Cowboys‘ game since leaving the field for the booth, the former quarterback was masterful and delivered yet another bravo-worth game analysis. Not everyone was impressed however, namely Sanders, who was the butt of one of Romo’s jokes when Kansas City Chiefs’ cornerback Marcus Peters became the victim of an Ezekiel Elliott hurdle.

Simply put, it reminded him of what Sanders would put on film from time-to-time. It was all the Hall of Famer needed to hear to further a simmering heat between the two, and he took to NFL Network to passionately respond.

Tony Romo, Deion Sanders

“Tony, I tried my best to take the high road but …I don’t know the address to the high road, so I got to come at you man.” said Sanders, smiling. “Ten years as a starter you were 2-4 in the playoffs. [You] ain’t won nothing. I tried to bury the hatchet.

“We both work for CBS. I went and shook your hand and said ‘Tony, you’re doing a great job this year!’. I thought that would be it, but not unless you keep on shooting at me. Tony, what’s going on man? I got a gold jacket that I didn’t buy. Dak [Prescott] says hi, and bye.

“Tony, leave me alone man. I got a lot of ammunition man. How many interceptions, 19 in 2012? Come on, you threw to everybody but me.

“…Come on man. You know you never won the big one. You know you never won the big one, so stop. Leave me alone. I tried to take the high road but I don’t know the address.”

Yes, Sanders is one of the greatest to ever play the game of football and yes he has a gold jacket to prove it, although one has never been awarded six months after a player doesn’t formally retire — which is Romo’s current state of affairs. That notwithstanding, there can be no doubt the player so lovingly referred to as “Prime Time” brought the best he had every time he stepped on the field.

Do you feel Sanders is being over sensitive here, or was it right for him to come for Tony Romo the way he did? Let me know your thoughts in a comment below.

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9 Comments on Is Deion Sanders that sensitive, or did Tony Romo tell the truth?

  1. Kristin Robinson // November 6, 2017 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    Deion is being sensitive. He always took shots at tony and tony told the truth. Deion even said he doesn’t tackle. It was a business decision not to tackle. He didn’t do jack with Atlanta. He sucked in Washington and Baltimore

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  2. David Whitney // November 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm // Reply

    Romo is right. and Sanders was not one of best players ever. as far as i am concerned. i never wish that he was with the cowboys.

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  3. Shawn Miller // November 6, 2017 at 1:42 pm // Reply

    Because Deion has been on so many different teams he might not understand the concept of in house family squabbles staying in house. When someone flies off their rocker with a barrage of insults at the slightest joke. It shows that they were waiting locked and loaded. A simple joke volleyed back at TR#9 Would have been sufficient. But we are in the age of Twitter beefs….so it is what it is. Deion trying to up his Twitter image on the head of Romo simply cracking a joke.

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  4. Well the next time Tony speak he will think about it before he comment. Celebrities are so sensitive about words now days. So I say to Deion calm down I don’t think Tony meant to harm you or your reputation. I hope you both come together and smash this and remain the professionals that you all are.

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  5. No Deion said it right I hate the fact ever since the bitch kick 2006 when Room got tackled at the goal line I knew he wasn’t gonna do shiznay !! for our team only playoffs then choke !!


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