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How Dallas Cowboys Fan clubs are engaging each other.

Over the past few years I have had the great privilege to be associated with a few Dallas Cowboys Fan Clubs. One particular club is located in Corpus Christi. The Dallas Cowboys Fan Club of Corpus Christi executes many events throughout the year with their weekly meetups and engaging fans through their various fund-raising efforts.


DCFCC President Belinda Gomez Ramirez (R) and Vice President Jennifer Ramirez (L) taking in donations for those affected during Hurricane Harvey with their club members.

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This past weekend as the Cowboys faced the Kansas City Chiefs their President Belinda Gomez Ramirez, along with Vice President Jennifer Ramirez and the organizing committee, organized to bring down the President of Cowboys Life Car Club Rene Arredondo for a meet and greet with members of the Corpus Christi Fan Club.

What is the Cowboys Car Club?

CowboysLife Car Club was created by friends and family members with the passion for our Dallas Cowboys. Initially started as a group just tailgating and enjoying the love of the game. Established in Dec. 2009 by its Founder in conjunction with his family. Initially with the start of four vehicles and has grown to over 25 in 2017. Each of our members show their enthusiasm and creativity on the cars and trucks we showcase.

 Cowboys Life Car Club, DCFCCC

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They go from city to city showcasing their Cars decked out in Dallas Cowboys Lore. They are at all home games promoting their organization as well as engaging Dallas Cowboys Fans  out the United States and around the world. 

I asked Belinda what it meant for her and the Club to have Rene Arredondo and his wife Rg to come and meet with her club members .

“Having fellow Dallas Cowboys groups come together means so much to DCFCC. The Dallas Cowboys fan base is wide spread throughout the USA. With that said, not only are the fans what I consider the most loyal fans die-hard fans, they are family. When someone joins our DCFCC group, they feel right at home as well as any other Dallas Cowboys group out there. I personally had the pleasure of meeting Cowboys Life Car Club VP Rene Arredondo and his lovely wife RG for the first time. From the moment they arrived to the moment they left we had such a great time. It was as if we were family reunited over the holidays. The laughs, the excitement of cheering our Cowboys on, the memories we made together as one big happy family are all caught on camera and will last a lifetime. DCFCC will continue making memories, keeping traditions, and building friendships with other groups as the years go by.”

Belinda and the rest of the team do an amazing job with engaging members through prize giveaways, as well as charity events throughout the year. They were very instrumental in rounding up supplies for families that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey a few months back and are also planning to donate Christmas Gifts for those families that can’t afford gifts for their children. Belinda is a great person with a heart of gold who goes above and beyond to make sure her Dallas Cowboys family is well looked after.

Yes Cowboys fans are football fans, but first and foremost they are family. You feel like you know them forever. This is what Cowboys Fan Clubs around the country are doing engaging fans through great events and bringing people together.

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