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Ezekiel Elliott to leave country during suspension to re-focus

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys, USA

Leaving America: An Ezekiel Elliott Story.

Ezekiel Elliott is out at least the next four weeks, until a Dec. 1 court date, and could serve the entire six games of his suspension and sit until Christmas Eve.

In the meantime, the Dallas Cowboys running back is jetting out of the country, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday on NFL GameDay Morning.

“So what is on the docket for Zeke Elliott himself? I am told he is leaving the country to an undisclosed location to completely reset, clear his head, train, and come back in late December for the Cowboys in the best shape he has been in,” Rapoport said.

Zeke’s ability to stay in shape is a sneaky under-the-radar storyline to his suspension. The running back has famously taken a few weeks in each of his first two NFL seasons to get into game-shape, not rounding into full form until after a few games.

Alfred Morris, Dallas Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott

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Elliott and the Cowboys‘ run game has hit high gear since Week 4, averaging 183.4 rushing YPG as a team over the last four contests, most in the NFL. Elliott has averaged 126.5 yards per game over that span, including Week 8’s 150-yard explosion versus the Redskins.

The 5-3 Cowboys currently sit at seventh place in the NFC. We expect Dak Prescott to keep Dallas in the playoff hunt until Elliott returns. However, the Cowboys won’t have a few weeks for the running back to get back in gear once the suspension is over.

To make sure he stays in shape and off the back page of the tabloids, Elliott’s managers are getting out of the country. Original article posted here by NFL.

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