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How to boost your fan clubs awareness with social media

Dallas Cowboys, Fan Clubs, Socal Media Want to take your fan club to the next level? We are currently in search of fan club contributors for our site. We will teach them how to boost your club's awareness on social media, and write articles to help bring awareness to your events.

Social media is a powerful tool that your fan club should absolutely be utilizing this season. Our site is opening it’s doors for 1 member from each of your clubs listed on our directory for a limited time only. This will absolutely help boost your club events awareness, and effectively promote them through social media.

“I would rather have 10 people contributing 10% of the work, rather than contributing 100% of my own.”

Barry Gipson – OAT Founder

As we begin to close the door on 2017 this year, OAT is currently planning to expand significantly in 2018 with a little help from your club’s volunteering along the way. 

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DC Fan Club2

What is the benefit for your club in doing so?

With over 10 years experience in social media and blogging I want to personally share with your club’s designated member to help them learn how to promote, and build your club’s online presence. Both through blogging on our platform, and utilizing your club’s social media platforms. 

OAT is currently the premier site covering the Dallas Cowboys fan club movement. Just like many of you our love and passion for our team is a lifestyle and culture. We pour many hours into each season, and off season into networking, and building meaningful relationships within our fan base. 

Creating a team of contributors who will learn how to help build your club’s brand online will be very beneficial. Writing stories, creating content, and promoting your events will be empowering for you as a President’s. Freeing up your time to focus on your club’s vision for years to come. 

Take advantage for a limited time only 

Identifying your club contributors before the end of this year (2017) will be instrumental in building for your club’s 2108 season. Each member will be a contributor on our site where they will learn how to blog, build social followings online, and effectively promote your club events.  FREE!

Now is the time to become part of something truly special never done by an other NFL fan base to date. We will create the “Blueprint” for all other 31 teams to follow as we head into the future. 

Currently only listed clubs in our directory qualify. If you need your club listed to not miss this golden opportunity click here now. 

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About Barry Gipson (109 Articles)
Die Hard True Blue Dallas Cowboys fan on a mission to connect our fan base globally through social media. Sharing stories about fans inspired me to take on the journey of creating the first ever fan website. Built by fans for fans. Official America*s Team!

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