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How to win FREE prizes during Army Navy game with FireFan

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The Army-Navy rivalry runs 126 years deep. For those men whose final game it is, this will be the last time they put on pads, lace up shoes and lock helmets. There are no million-dollar contracts, no endorsement deals and no fanfare when they leave the field. They are committed to a life of service, a life of standing guard and a life of dedication to country and fellow man.

In a rivalry full of pageantry, no tradition symbolizes victory like Singing Second. After the game ends, the teams meet on the field and sing the losing teamโ€™s alma mater first. Then, the winner sings second.

Play FireFan during this years game with us and win these FREE prizes

As a retired Navy Veteran I’ve always looked forward to watching this game each year.ย This is a personal invitation for each of you to play with me this Saturday. A FREE sports game application called FireFan. Play along with the actual Army Navy game live, and make the call before the play happens to earn points and real win prizes.

Here is a quick trailer overview to give you a better idea:

Let me be the first to tell you that I’ve won a trip to Las vegas for 2 playing this game and redeeming tickets. Not to mention last NFL season I played live with Ed “Too Tall” Jones from the Dallas Cowboys during a Cowboys game!ย 

During this game I will be giving away these 3 prizes to random players. I will announce the winners in the chat section of the app where you can engage other players live during the game. An Army shirt, Paragon ZTE Smartphone, and a Navy shirt. Each will be mailed to the winners at no cost!ย 

Army, Navy, Game, Prizes, FireFan, OAT

These 3 awesome prizes will be given away to random players during the game!

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How to get in the game

This sports application is available in both Google Play, and iTunes app stores for FREE download. Simply click on either link for Android and iPhone users. Once you download the app and set up your profile you will need to search for our league inside the app for “Official America*s Team” and join the game!

You will see this logo in the picture of our league of over 100 players.ย 

OAT Header Clear

Please enter the chat once you’re in the league’s game by leaving a comment, and let us know your in the game. Many of our OAT members will likely be there competing so bring your “A” game!ย 

If you’re already an active FireFan player click below to join our league now.

In conclusion

On Saturday, December 9, in Philadelphia, PA, Navy and Army will meet on the gridiron to renew the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. ET, and the game will air nationwide on CBS television.

I look forward to meeting you in the game! Also please be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive emails on future games giving away many more prizes during the NFL playoffs, Super Bowl, and NBA games!ย 

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