5 Instagram handles to keep West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans informed

Since 2016 it’s very clear that West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans run thick. As a result, I wanted to share with you today the 5 Instagram handles I’m following to keep informed this season. I know there are many others out there to choose from. When I narrowed these down I did it with a Boots on Ground perspective in mind.

Facebook is where I spend the majority of my time creating content for my subscribers. Since ’16 I have dabbled with the Gram through Official America’s Team, and my own personal Cowboys Unifier handles. With so much happening on the West Coast this off-season, you can also learn how to connect with other fans in addition.

The #1 Handle I follow on Instagram for breaking news and updates is no stranger to my listicles each year. This handle shares timely and accurate breaking news along with eye-catching images. I have followed them since ’17 and watched their growth through consistency.

1. Dallas Cowboys Squad


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2. West Coast Cowboy

Many Dallas Cowboys vloggers and bloggers are residing on Instagram. Only a few are very active however like my second handle to follow. We couldn’t have a West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans listicle without actually putting West Coast in it! I have followed his content since ’16 and have also watched his ascension on the platform. The best in the game on the West Coast. The Boots On Ground Training Camp OG.


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3. Southern California Dallas Cowboys Fan Club

Folks who I chat with on a regular basis have heard me say this before. That there are about 20 fans in our fan base literally responsible for its culture. West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans run thick. Take example #3 on my list. A few months back we featured Luis Garcia the club’s President on Cowboys Cousins. Sharing how to navigate SoFi stadium for Cowboys fans to connect at their tailgate.

With over 15 years in the business, this fan club on the West Coast connects thousands of fans each season at watch parties, fundraisers, and NFL player meet & greets.  This fall shall be no different as we are scheduled to visit the Rams at SoFi this season again. This type of handle is mainly for Boots on Ground-type of NFL fans.

4. Hard Hittahz Cowboys Lifestyle

Every season the home opener is like a family reunion thanks to the Hard Hittahz Lifestyle & Global Movement. Each home game at LOT #10 you can expect to see hundreds of cowboys fans at their tailgate. The tip of the spear with Starboy out of the DFW HArd Hittahz chapter makes it all happen each season.

The Hard Hittahz Movement was founded on the West Coast by a couple of those 20 fans and this culture I talked about. Although they are global they are very much thick on the west coast. I have met both founders and their brass over the years and their passion for the Dallas Cowboys is unmatched. They stay Boots On Ground. Definitely the 15% ‘ers.

5. One Star One Family

During the Fans Zone Miami Takeover in 2018 event, I was fortunate to connect with Cai and Sherri Montano out of Bakersfield, CA. Little did I know what impact they would be having on this culture just a few short years later. Since meeting in ’18 they both have supported my content and understand the importance of unity.

My ultimate goal in connecting West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans each off-season will be in Bakersfield, CA. Thanks to the first annual One Star One Family’s BBQ in April this year together we just might be onto something. In order to unify our global fanbase, we must first unify the West Coast Dallas Cowboys fans with its very own leadership. A meeting of the minds to establish communications and execute large-scale events each year.

In conclusion

The difference between that 85% of the fan base that is asleep and awake is a matter of what you’re consuming for content. When I spend time on Instagram these are handles I follow to stay informed and up to date on America’s Team. As we continue to connect NFL fans here be sure to subscribe to my email community today.

Staying in the gym is half the battle when it comes to developing Dallas Cowboys muscle each season. Join me each week LIVE on Facebook where I create most of my content for supporters. Check out my ‘Events” section to learn how to connect at events. Especially the 2 Cowboys Cousins experiences you don’t want to miss this season.

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