A perfect leadership example of Jason Garrett and Sean McVay

Jason Garrett and Sean McVay are both NFL coaches with very different coaching and leadership styles that bring about different results. First of all I want to thank Jason Garrett for not going for it on 4th and 1 against the Texans. As a result, it has inspired me to dive deeper between the two in search of answers.

Allow me to preface even further. If you’re a diehard Cowboys fan, read this from top to bottom. You never know what you just might find.

I would like to compare McVay and Garrett as a “Perfect” leadership example of 2 NFL Coaches. To include NFL current coaching trends. In addition, compare how coaching, and leadership go hand in hand. Lastly, why the NFL youth coaching movement is real!

Now don’t get me wrong. Age is nothing but a number. Let’s not jump to conclusions here. Keep an open mind rather when digesting this message please. Perfect example; Do you think it’s coincidence that Sean McVay (2017 NFL COY) hired 71-year-old Wade Phillips as his DC by accident? I answer that for you below. Keep reading!


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Leaders are measured by results. When comparing speed to coaching you must be aggressive in the learning, and applying of new innovative ways to be more effective as a team.

I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA

For some NFL head coaches change, and innovation are not built-into their DNA. Possibly due to the antiquated ways of thinking, and coaching in the NFL. Up until last January anyway. A new type of NFL player is suiting up in the locker room. One that requires new ways of thinking and coaching. How Garrett has kept his job this long is a complete mystery based on results.

A word you would think Jerry Jones knows all to well when it comes to bottom line. Results. Maybe he is more distracted from the bottom line over at Forbes than winning. On the other hand, maybe Garrett and his owner aren’t on the same page.

Much more differently than years before. The selection of Sean McVay as the Rams HC by owner Stan Kroenke in January 2017 has now become the benchmark in the NFL. A trend that has seen other younger head coaches placed on teams like Matt Nagy, 39 (CHI), Adam Gase, 39 (MIA), and lastly Kyle Shanahan, 38 (SFO) since then.

Jason Garrett is 51 however.

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Move over Bacon there is something leaner

Bacon is an American staple at breakfast in my house. As I get older however, my lovely wife reminds me to choose more wisely with my diet. Cut down on it maybe. Of course, like most men we ignore (don’t listen) to the call to action. We simpley stick with what we think we know is best. That’s how I feel about our play calling this season actually.

After researching every head coach in the NFL I found some startling facts. Like the average age of an NFL head coach is currently 50. The oldest being Pete Carrol at 66, and youngest with Sean McVay at 32. Out of all 32 Coaches only 10 of them have lived inside the game as a player. Interesting fact there I know.

Garret made it to the league as a player where McVay did not. Garrett became and NFL coach in 2005. McVay became one last year. Hows being named NFLHCOY your first year on the job? Leadership produces results.

But Jason Garrett was just the NFLHCOTY in 2016 you say?

Perfect example; I know Garrett was the HCOY in 2016. He earned that, in my opinion off the backs of the best O-line in the NFL, and the NFL leading rusher in Zeke. A team built for Zeke, but a QB like Tony. Dak was a unexpected turn nobody seen coming. It was the perfect storm.

I even tried to predict Romo coming back in against Philly and leading us to Houston in 2016. Boy was I wrong.

I hoped and prayed they would make the right call with Romo. I firmly believe now he (Garrett) had minimal impact on players development, and vision beyond that season, or even before. Look at us now. Because leadership.

We have had a 10 year open book on Garrett. Either Mr Jones cant read it, or he refuses to.

Will Cain at ESPN sums up Jason Garrett better than I can here


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Enough. It’s beyond time now. @firsttake

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The leadership test between Jason Garret and Sean McVay

I could go on for days with this topic. Let’s use this example. Todd Gurley shared this quote on national television after defeating the Vikings. It sums up my point perfectly. I’ve been stuck on this quote ever since. Wishing Jerry Jones could see the stark difference in the Rams locker room culture Vs the Cowboys.

And it’s all based on coaching and leadership.

With the right leader, and game plan you can get results. The Cowboys have a couple of players in common with Rams in terms of talent. But to compare the whole body of work is just embarrassing. But are they peaking to early? Can they sustain this high level of consistent play? That’s up to leadership.

Sean McVay has his team performing at the highest level on the field currently. Dubbing them now “The Greatest Show on Surf.” This is effective leadership at every level within an NFL locker room summed up in one quote.

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Todd Gurley’s response when Reggie Bush asked him about what it feels like to impose your team strengths against opponents at will on the NFL Network post game interview along with Cooper Kupp.

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The difference in how team ownership runs business

In the last few days we have had reports of frustration, and finger-pointing coming out of the Star in Frisco, TX. Due in part to the lack of production on the field, and lack of wins in the winning column. That’s on leadership, right? Rightfully so. Mr. Jones further diminishes his receiving corps by killing morale by saying we have lacked a #1 WR in years.

Are you reading this Dez Bryant? Dont you hold the record for most TD receptions in Cowboys history? Jerry Jones is either out of touch with his coach, or reality altogether. You be the judge. As for the Rams, even last year the worst was Hard Knocks showing Jeff Fisher getting the axe for Garrett style production.

Why the art of communication must be mastered

In all my years in the Navy, communication was always the biggest challenge. Teams who could communicate effectively often produced the best results.

How important is it for an NFL head coach, and owner to maximize these men and their talents in such a small window? This is the side of the discussion we are all missing. Especially with Dak Prescott. Under Garrett and Linehan they’ve never had to develop a quarterback thanks to the beautiful mind of Tony Romo.

Can we really expect this coaching and leadership staff to develop Dak? Results are in and it appears they’re failing. In addition with the talent of Ezekiel Elliott, and Jaylon Smith it is very crucial to getting it right on behalf of their legacies.

Bad leadership kills potentially great NFL player careers.

Besides, who’s to say these players would even want to resign if the leadership culture is not changed?

Clearly McVay gets that communication culture I’m referencing to. He has rejuvenated Gurley from last season’s performance to the forefront of the league this season. Gurley has already scored 7 TD’s this season in 5 weeks. He scored 13 total last year. Transformative leadership at work.

In addition, the way McVay and Phillips handled Aaron Donald in the media over his contract dispute also speaks volumes. Translating his play on the field into tangible results with the #9 ranked defense currently. In addition signing key defnesive veterans like Aqib Talib, and Ndamukong Suh.

This off-season I could not believe how they were stacking the deck! Until I put my leadership cap on.

Because effective leadership creates a championship vision and drives their team there. Just like Landry and Jimmy did.

By design McVay does not have an owner in Kroenke always in the media adding more coal to the fire like Jones. I truly believe this is why Garrett has kept his this long. Nobody wants their leader to be a “YES” man. I surely didn’t while serving in the Navy. Many have shared publicly this is how Garrett is viewed inside and out of the Star.  This breeds all kinds of issues above, and below a leader inside an organization. #garrettguys

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Youth and wisdom combined to build the ultimate team in 2018?

Remember how I alluded to Wade Phillips in the beginning? At age 71, his impact is currently being felt around the league. I also find it ironic he coached the Cowboys from 07-10 before being fired by Jones. Adding another angle to this story. Cowboys coaching greats like Landry and Johnson were also ran out-of-town for less. According to Robert Mayes over at the Ringer, he had this to say about Wade.

“The league’s recent coaching youth movement is really a move toward evolution. At age 71, Phillips embodies that to the same extent as many fresh-faced 30-somethings do. That’s why he’s stuck around for as long as he has, and it’s why this season’s Rams are primed to have one of the best defenses in football yet again.”

Now that’s coaching through effective leadership. Making adjustments that both quantify into results both on, and off the field. Knowing the strength of your personnel, and maximizing them is critical to a team’s success in the NFL. Even Wade at 71 Tweets. Are you kidding me?

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Jerry Jones on comparing the Rams to the Cowboys

Thank you Mr. Jones for mentioning this comparison. For the sake of this article anyway. Between the Rams and America*s Team let’s look at the on field leadership aside from the players. For this season as a sample size only. Rams are currently 5-0 after beating a feisty Seahawks team. The Cowboys are 2-3 with zero road wins currently.

A crucial road win that would not have inspired me to write this piece like the loss did.

There is a quote Jerry Jones has at the Star in Frisco. It currently has me confused. A quote I’ve seen with my own eyes last summer while touring The Star. “We must win, we will win, win is the name of the game.” I’m not certain we have a coach who has completely bought into that philosophy based on 4th and 1 call in Houston.

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Dallas, we have a much bigger problem

I only know of Mr. Kroenke only because of the Rams leaving St Louis for Hollywood. What other owner is in the news as much as the Cowboys? While doing research on him and his team for this article, I wanted to share with you some things.

The LA market is ripe for an NFL powerhouse. Think Kroenke and Co didn’t think so when moving from St Louis? Should the Rams win the Super Bowl like many in the media are predicting it’s going to explode!

Side note: Even LeBron James is in town with the Lakers. The star power alone in LA will now thrust this team to new social heights amid their current success. This is good for NFL business however. Not for Jerry Jones and ours.

Show me the money Jason Garrett

The average NFL Coaches salary in 2018 is 3.75 Million according to BoydsBets. While conducting research I found it very intriguing that NFL Coaches and their salaries are very hard to find. They glorify the players so much, but coaches salaries not so much. Of all places a gambling site as my reference. Let that sink in.

You may wonder why I included this piece of content. It actually represents what we are asking leaders of a different battlefield in terms of Meritocracy.

Jason Garrett is estimated to receive close to 6 Million this season. At this juncture we have an overpriced NFL Coach delivering a below average production. Agree or no? Now Mr. Jones, do you think maybe moving the Bacon over for something leaner can give us a different result? We all know what the definition of insanity is.

Who could possibly replace Garrett? Kris Richard?

This is a whole new package of Bacon right here. Just like Kroenke found their guy, our leadership must work extra hard to do the same. Or else stock will plummet with fans and that will affect Mr. Jones’ pocketbook. Something I think he is oblivious too. I mean dang, win a Super Bowl and double your profit!

Not without the right head coach and leadership on the sideline.

I give major credit to Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli, and his new sidekick Kris Richard. The Seattle transplant has come in and absolutely energized the defensive side of the ball giving it a new “Hot Boys” identity. Marinelli even gave credit to Richard calling the plays in game. Thats leadership at it’s finest. Breeding a fellow leader.

Do we feel we are getting our money’s worth here Cowboys Nation? You be the judge. This is why I love my job with Comcast in sales since retiring from the Navy in 2016. I get paid what I’m worth. When I work, I get paid. When I don’t, I don’t.

Kinda like that Meritocracy thing Tony Romo spoke about in his speech.

Jerry Jones, Tony Romo

McVay on the other hand is only in line for 3 Million this season. In my opinion these salaries should be swapped based on meritocracy. Let alone Garrett’s entire’ tenure as the HC of the Dallas Cowboys in summary. Let’s compare the 2 coaches production through week 5.

Announcing the Meritocarcy Report

More points, faster game, happier fans, more revenue. The pace slowed some in Week 5, but the 272 scoring strikes in 77 games through this past Sunday are 25 more than any season since the NFL expanded to 32 teams in 2002. The figure is up by 39 over last season.

With that being said lets look at how Garrett will measure up weekly moving forward with this “Meritocaracy Report” I’ve created behind this motivation. Inspired by the actual speech Tony Romo gave on the podium at The Star.

The “Meritocarcy Report” through WK 5

Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett, Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
The remaining weeks that Garrett will be the head coach I will publish this report on my social media. Follow me for more and share this now! Follow me here–> @comcastcowboy

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So the million dollar question literally is this. Does Garrett deserve to be the Cowboys Head Coach much longer based on meritocracy? You likely know my answer already. I think I know yours as well. I think Mr. Jones is beginning to see the light too, maybe. He had this to say in hindsight of the call on the 4th and 1 after.

“We were being outplayed. It’s time for risks at that particular time.”

In conclusion

While most Cowboys fans are arguing over Tony and Dak still, there are a few fans beginning to wake up. Especially all the Cowboys fan base media personalities. It was refreshing to see them feel the same way I felt. This for me was the litmus test in putting this article together.

I will finally share with you that I hope someone in the Star in Frisco reads this and takes action. There is one thing I know about Cowboys fans. After building a Facebook group with over 12k fans in OAT, “Cowboys Privilege” is a real thing thanks to the 1990’s. But our fan base has had enough recently.

How they coach their teams is clearly where the leadership eye test comes in. Separating the 2 there is easy. Between age, creativity, vigor, and ability to harmonize their organization through communication the needle points to McVay. He alone is absolutely why the NFL is all about the youth movement moving forward.

The ball is in your court Mr Jones.

Can we count on you to make it happen Mr Jones?

If you read this far I am very impressed. Most Cowboys fans do not read social media post’s over 140 characters.

Not you however.

So answer me this please; Do you think the NFL making a move towards youth is primarily to control player contracts  for bottom line easier, or to rejuvenate play with a fresh breath of air like we see currently? You be the judge and leave me a comment below so I know you read this!

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