First time Uber riders get awesome discount with OAT code

If you travel to Dallas Cowboys game each year you likely ride in an Uber like me. Normally I can network rides from members within our OAT Facebook Group. No longer will members of our Facebook group get caught in an Uber situation like Terrence and I did during the home opener this season.

How can we keep this scenario from happening?

This idea solely came about while taking a Uber from Grapevine, up north to Lava Cantina in The Colony. It was November 2017 when the Eagles came to Dallas. I was there on a Fans Zone package, but also wanted to attend the Cowboys Experience for a chance to meet some active and retired Cowboys players.

It literally cost about $35 for the trip not including the tip. At that moment I wish I would have had a promo code or a discount. It was literally my first time using Uber. Almost a year later our group members, subscribers, readers, and others can now enjoy an OAT branded resource!

Here where a few pics from that Cowboys XP event.

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How to get Uber and use the code for first timers

If you have a smart phone that can download apps, you’re in the game! Just click here to download Uber to your phone. It will automatically link you to the discount code.

You will receive $3.00 off your first (3) rides with Uber. A total of $9.00 savings just for being an OAT member! It was tough getting OAT into Uber as a “Brand Ambassador,” but we pulled it off. Fans working on behalf of other fans for the greater good. remember click here if you have Uber already.

That’s why I chose to feature a very well-known and respected “Super Fan” on our cover photo of this article. Henry Gamez is an Army veteran, and a great example of how to represent our fan base.

You can usually find him going “Live” on social media at games and events. He loves taking pictures with Cowboys fans he meets from social media.

Luckily I ran into him on N. Collins ST heading toward the Borrachos Tailgaters event. After we caught up he escorted us personally into it as a result. Thanks Henry!

Here we are pictured together with Terrence, one of our All Star OAT Admins, along with Henry, and myself.

This was the home opener this year against the Giants at the actual Borrachos tailgate.

In Conclusion

After this game we were searching for a Uber, and it was chaos! We missed X2 Uber on foot, and wound up at Guadalajara Marisco’s Mexican restaurant on Division. Thankfully we got in touch with West Coast, and he gave us a ride back to Terrence’s truck.

Dont be like us guys, be prepared on your next trip to see the Dallas Cowboys. You can also get a FREE ride to the stadium from Stoney Kersh’s house on game days, just tell him OAT sent ya!

As our network grows here at OAT, so are our resources as an online community. We want to thank Uber for giving us this “Brand Ambassador” opportunity. Please feel free to share this code “OAT” with all your Cowboys family and friends around the world who utilize Uber.

Our mission at OAT is to create a family of loyal, informed, and True Blue, Dallas Cowboy fans globally through social media. A community “Built By Fans, For Fans.”

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