What happens in Las Vegas only happens here with OAT

Were you aware that Las Vegas recently announced their new  slogan is “What happens here only happens here?”

Are you considering heading out to Las Vegas, NV this spring 4 the NFL draft? Well, if your a heavy player in the GAME with OAT then your invited to our first ever AIRBNB Exlcusive VIP event. See the official Facebook Event link below.

What can you expect? Smart Cowboys fans networking, building brands, and impacting change with fans in our base. Why do want to come? Well, anytime there is a 1st ever type of Dallas Cowboys event of importance, many fans are not going to want to miss. Like I shared with my Admin Team, if you don;t make it you’re gonna wish you did. Make sure you join the event below to stay in the know even if you can’t go!

Get in on the floor of Las Vegas now before it’s too late

I found it HIGHLY coincidental that the the weekend before the NFL draft their is an actual Cannabis Conference. Directly after 4/20. If you know you know.  I plan on attending it myself while there to really get in on the ground floor of this budding industry on the rise in the next 24 monnts.

Why do you need to know this? Well, for those of you who actually get a chance to attend this event will see first hand with your own eyes. I plan to share more details with you there in person. So please help get the word out by sharing this, and join in the event page for more details as they emerge. So you can get your chance to kick it with the best damn fans in our fan base this spring.

In conclusion

Be sure you subscribe to our blog, so when I put out more details here you get them. Simply enter you email in one of the options on your phone screen now please. I will also share more info on other OAT platforms like YouTube below. Help me get to 1,000 subscribers before the draft, so I can go LIVE at THE Draft with you on my phone.

Lastly, for any other providers who may be reading this it’s not a shot, or an attempt to infring upon your business. In line with my name Unifying our fans is my #1 mission. This event will eventually become an annual OAT event, and grow even bigger into a symposium for fans to get their network, education, and GAME on.

I’ve been trying to tell you about this since last summer. Take about 20 minutes and see 4 yourself. I’m not a rookie here. Let’s go!



Cowboys Unifier

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