Clocked In!

Even our #1 Fan is “Clocked In” 4 the 2019 season

Hard Hittahz “The Movement.”

Play Madden? Listen to this.


Welcome to OAT-Official America’s Team!

The Official America’s Team  OAT home page!  The first ever social media Dallas Cowboys online community “Built By Fans For Fans.”

What started out as a Facebook group has now grown into a global network!

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“OAT is committed to creating a family of loyal, informed, and True Blue Dallas Cowboy fans globally through social media.”

As a result, Official America’s Team (OAT) has created the first ever Fan Club Directory, and Meetup Directory for our fans here.

Providing them an opportunity to connect with other fans globally at events. Therefore understanding that there is strength in numbers. Networking and connecting fans globally will allow fans a sense of Cowboys family around the world! The ultimate network.

The only fan built site bringing you exclusive stories from our fan base. Get all your statistics, team updates, and player movement from many other sites. We choose to focus on the talent, and current events taking place within our fan base to share with you here. In addition documenting the OAT history of our fan base.

Finally, unlike any other NFL team the Dallas Cowboys fan base understands this a year round lifestyle. OAT brings you exclusive stories not found anywhere else on the internet! So please be sure to join our growing emial community.

Lastly, be sure to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter, and connect with us on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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