How SCDCFC shows appreciation for Veterans through club event

SCDCFC pays tribute and respect to Veterans

First of all, SCDCFC, a Dallas Cowboys fan club in California is currently honoring and recognizing Veterans through watch parties and charity events. With a thriving membership group of die-hard fans, their leadership takes great pleasure in showing recognition in addition to appreciation for its diverse culture. 

SCDCFC is actually one of the pioneers of the DC Fan Club movement. Laying the path for many other future clubs and organizations to model after. Therefore setting the trend through leadership by example.

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SCDCFC is headed by an amazing Cowboys Fan and Club President Luis Garcia

Luis is currently doing great work to make our Veterans feel welcome. Also at home by arranging events with prize giveaways to fans to honor them for their hard work and serving our country.

I asked him what was his motivation to do an event like this.

“It’s great to give back to the community by engaging members in various charity organizations with Veterans on Veterans Day weekend.” As a result its great to hear their stories through their service to their country to keep our borders safe here and abroad. “

During the weekend’s meetup vs. the Atlanta Falcons, it actually brought a lot of people out. The fans were treated in meeting Veterans and having conversations with them. In addition, they also had the opportunity to win some great prizes. Which actually included a signed Michael Irvin Jersey.

Pictured; SCDCFC winner Deandra Aguiar



He along with Robert Morales, and the sister clubs the 805 Stars headed by Cesar Rodriguez, and the Cowboys Empire, which is run by Michael Ochoa and Frank Cano. As a result, they have been engaging Cowboys fans for many years on the West Coast. Furthermore with meetups throughout the season. In addition, the off-season as well. Incorporating them with charity events. Win Lose or draw Cowboys fans come out each and every day.

Finally, Luis and his SCDCFC fan club chapters are doing this for the Veterans. In addition as well as many other charitable organizations throughout the year. Most importantly he is someone we can all learn from. As a result, giving back to the community. Connect with them online today. 

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Connect with their Facebook Fan page here. 

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