How Jerry Jones is absolutely dealing the ultimate game of Texas Hold’em

Mastering the art of stacking the deck

Will Jerry Jones pull off the unthinkable Texas Hold’em poker hand?

Texas Hold’em is a form of poker where the first 2 cards dealt are the “Hold” cards kept to the player, and 5 community cards which are dealt face up in 3 stages. The first 3 cards known as the “Flop.” The next card is the “Turn,” and the final card known as the “River.” This poker style game originates from Robstown Texas. The current table representing with the Dallas Cowboys making a run to Houston for Super Bowl 51.

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones dealing the cards now in the NFC East Casino.

Currently the Dallas Cowboys football players represent a deck of cards. The dealer is Jerry Jones. The players in the game are The Cowboys and the rest of the NFC East Division teams in the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles respectively.

Having played this game year after year the other 3 teams in the NFC historically know that Dallas ultimately blows their chances in big games. Allowing the clock to force them out of the game totally. Possibly folding after being dealt below average cards in previous games.

In this particular game the Cowboys have been dealt “Big Slick.” An Ace and King same suit respectively. These cards represent Tony Romo (Ace) and Dak Prescott (King). Having been dealt the Ace first, and then the King secondly Coach Jason Garrett barely contains his poker face as Jerry deals the “Flop.”

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The media and fans are in for the ultimate Jerry Jones poker hand

The plot has developed over the last 8 weeks and now it is show time. Little do we know that what we thought was virtue for some, and bad luck for others has all been meticulously planned by the house. Meaning dealer Jerry Jones, and his Casino, “The NFC East.”

Tony publicly came out announcing his acceptance as the back up to Dak, this was the “Flop” of the card game. Knowing all along after 8 weeks that Coach Garrett was sitting on pocket Ace King. The 3 cards representing the “Turn” are games upcoming with the Ravens, Redskins, and Vikings. Depending on how those 3 games finish will determine the next play for Coach Garrett. Having beat the Redskins previously, and the decline of the Vikings recently, this looks promising up to week 10.

An Ace in the hole. Tony Romo pictured here during his press conference announcing his role moving forward as back up quarterback.

Should Dak continue to win out during those 3 games, Garrett’s hand will remain stronger going into week 14. Depending on how NFC East division opponent New York Giants are playing this is where the game could get intense.

A critical game for the Giants as they have increased their record to 6-2 during week 10. Looking to be Dallas’s single road block to winning the division as they defeated Cowboys during week 1. The G-Men also defeated a feisty Eagles team in Week 9. A Cowboys win over Giants in week 14 would redeem, and solidify the stacked deck set by owner Jerry Jones. Carefully played by Garrett.

Facing the Buccaneers and Lions at home during week 15 and 16 should be house money despite any unforeseen circumstances. In a poker game this is where you slow play the rest of the table because clearly you have the statistical advantage. Exactly like Jerry and Jason have been doing all season with this hand. In addition, an Ace in the hole with a King dominating the table.

Holding “Big Slick” going into the river gives advantage Dallas

Finally as we head into week 17, the biggest challenge to close out a supreme season will be a young King in Dak Prescott traveling to the city of brotherly love.  Playing house money until this point clearly has it’s advantages.  Could the Young King get trumped early by an emotional defense, and home field advantage,  along with notoriously violent crowd? The it’s time to play the Ace. Therefore providing support for this winning poker hand combination.

This is where we will see the return of Tony potentially. His legacy can begin to unfold heading into the playoffs. Tony representing the Ace means drawing from experience with supreme playing ability at a high level in this Cowboys offense.

The Ace awaits in the background for his return to support a King in the biggest Texas Hold’em game of all time.

All along Jerry Jones, and Coach Garret knew they held the cards that mattered the most. Knowing when to play them was, in essence what we as the fans could not understand all along. Riding the hot streak of Dak dominating the table has paid big dividends and set the table to for a big “River” dominance in the NFC East Casino.

Both Tony and Dak have a mutually, and publicly supported each other on and off the field. A power move made by Jerry in Week 11 as Tony publicly comes out and clears the air for his team, and it’s divided fan base. Directing all eyes back to entire set of cards dealt, and not just the “Hold” cards.

This potential scenario could solidify Tony Romo’s legacy for the 2016 season. Capping off a controversial 16 week poker hand all master minded by dealer and  owner Jerry Jones, and Coach Jason Garrett.  The ultimate payoff; A Super Bowl Championship win at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. Advantage dealer in the long run with “Big Slick.” Where else did you think Jerry could pull off this type of game? The state of Texas, of course.

In conclusion

Lastly, the season to this point has been quite the ride. I predicted that this team would be in the Super Bowl this season, but never without one key player in Tony Romo. Despite his injury fate early on, Dak “The King” has carried us supremely. With the odds of a rookie taking his team into the Super Bowl and winning it all. I like our odds However.

Mainly because being dealt “Big Slick” gives our hand a 32% chance of winning it all in poker terms. Better odds than all other suitors. A deck Jerry Jones has carefully stacked in his favor moving into the big money game. Allowing all of us to watch in awe as it unfolds.

Updated as of November 15, 2016 as the world witnessed this

I’m absolutely at a loss for words.

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