The power and influence of Cowboys fan base media

There are Cowboys fan base media personalities that are accumulating specialized knowledge for power and influence on social media currently. Right up the NFL’s alley as they focus on their fan engagement strategy. In essence, as the 2019 season kicks off we will see more personalities, and their content as a result.

Along with the authority to grow with it. Especially among actual Dallas Cowboys players. Support your local Cowboys social media content providers starting today.

“Im officially done with big media perosnalities and reporters providing information about America*s Team. I choose only to follow our fan base personality talent for all my Cowboys content moving forward.” ~Comcast Cowboy

How has the National Football League managed to make football America’s favorite sport? One major reason is the League’s ability to keep fans engaged. A strength Cowboys fan base media personalities are absolutely paying attention to now.

Lets face it, most if not all major media outlets provide a “script” for their shows from producers. Sometimes a muddy narrative is driven by the actual network. You can say conspiracy all you want, but we both know how big media is out of touch with reality. Not so much for this talented corps of influencers developing among our fan base. They bring their own ideas, thoughts, and passion to our team.

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Why these 3 personalities are excited about this 2018 NFL fan report and so should you Cowboys fans

Each year Global Web Index completes a fan equity report. As it stands the Dallas Cowboys are in prime position among all other NFL teams. Three out of 4 categories we stand at #1. Overall our team has the best fan equity brand.

A position that truly benefits our Cowboys fan base media personalities right now. Ultimately giving Cowboys fan base media all the power and influence they can handle among their followers and audiences.

Each of these 3 Cowboys fan base personalities has been featured here on OAT recently this year. Many of you may have met them, or followed them on social media as a result.  Today we will only share with you how they are accumulating power and influence among the Cowboys fan base.

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How AKOYE Media is educating the Cowboys fan base by proving it with the film

As I shared with you shortly after the NFL draft, Darius Coit is building quite the audience over at YouTube. Rather fast. Since then he has linked up with others in the space to collaborate his channel has exploded. YouTube is a very powerful platform when it comes to video and AKOYE is giving it to its followers raw and uncut. Proving it with the film, fans are soaking his content up.

The funny thing is all this happened by accident for AKOYE Media. Click the link above for details on Darius Coit and his story. This video is one of his latest creations. You can visit, and subscribe to his channel to add to his over 250k in organic views on this controversial Dez Bryant breakdown that kills big media narratives.

How JoJo’s Replay brings a breath of fresh air with her rants

Jonique Johnson, AKA JoJo’s Replay is not all about ranting on the Dallas Cowboys. If you saw her recently this year on ESPN battling our #1 hater SAS, you know she has the goods to hold her own in any setting. Carving her own lane out within a highly saturated male environment she absolutely brings it!

As the Cowboys have moved training camp back to the Star JoJo is a local DFW native always on the move. Taking her audience on an emotional roller coaster with factual and realistic content. Her fans love her, and are very loyal and dedicated to helping her audience grown even bigger!

Here Podcast, JoJo’s Replay covers all Dallas, and other various major professional sports. A very articulate and humorous Podcast that keeps it absolutely real! Here is her video with SAS.

Be sure to follow here growing Instagram here:

West Coast has literally burned down California on Facebook at training camp

By far the most influential Cowboys fan base media personality currently is ‘West Coast” from Dallas Cowboys Scouting on Facebook and Instagram. His attendance at Cowboys Camp in Oxnard has shot his stock up among fans on social media this summer.

As a result, he shares and spreads the love with his “Scouts.” Simply accumulating autographed memorabilia and shipping it to them for their support. A very genius approach to attracting not only an audience but information through them to strengthen his brand and engage followers. Here is an example of his reach with players.

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As I shared previously, over 2 years ago I discovered “West Coast” Vlogging from his car seat at camp in Oxnard back in 2016. He is def no rookie when it comes to social media. One of the most brilliant Cowboys fan’s minds I have been around. Be prepared to see this young man blowing up with endorsements and sponsors this season.

My friend Barry Griffith over at The Cowboys Experience sees his value already. As a result, “West Coast” has now partnered with them to bring fans to Dallas to an actual game. Each home game expects to see WC at their event at Lava Cantina in The Colony. Word is he will be getting access to that player with CE for exclusive before game-day interviews. Here is his latest pre-game show against the Bengals. The Kid is straight FIRE!

Be sure to follow him on Instagram also where he is active also here:

In conclusion

It may be too early for some Cowboys fans to grasp now. Our Cowboys fan base media is leading the way for all other 31 other NFL team fan bases for sure. Do you know of any? Contact us here if so. If not, these 3 will surely blaze the trail for others to follow in the long run.

Social media is a very powerful tool for professional sports. The NBA adopted Instagram recently and seen major returns as a result. Here is my theory. The NFL is currently shifting there as well as mentioned above. As our players get younger and younger, we fans will need to be in tune with what platform they prefer. Like Instagram. 

Could you imagine actual Cowboys players partnering with these influencers to help further their brand, and keep their fans informed of all their off the field current events? Stay tuned, it might actually be happening before we know it!

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This just actually happened as I sit here and type. I get a “Live” notification that WC is at The Star? These content providers are allowing us to vicariously be anywhere in the world when it comes to America*s Team! Thank you Cowboys fan base media personalities, and especially “WEST COAST.”

How was WEST COAST” in California for a show today, and simultaneously at The Star? Four words. Cowboys fan base media.

Please leave a comment below with how you think he did it. Also what you love about these 3, and why you follow them.


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